#1 Myth about “Weight Loss” – Exercise is the key

Weight Loss

Exercise is only 15-25% of dieting.   Many dieters mistakenly think that exercise is key to weight loss.  

Weight loss is 75-85% what you eat so you must eat healthy to keep the weight off and lose weight.

If you do not watch what you eat, you will gain weight.  

Myths about weight loss

The key to a sustainable weight loss is to reprogram your brain towards food, body and health.

According to Dr. Alberston, the way to reprogram your brain for weight loss is to “use self-compassion to regulate your emotions so you don’t eat you feelings.” Indeed, Holli Rovenger, a dietitian and wellness professional couldn’t agree more with Dr. Albertson’s tips. While noting that Dr. Albertson’s suggestions “have all been studied and proven successful,” 

Exercise is one of the important factors to improve overall health but people often misinterpret it as the key towards weight loss.

“In my opinion and experience, reprogramming your brain, along with understanding food’s importance for better health, modifying taste buds accordingly and using behavior modification, is the way to long-term weight loss. If it was just about the exercise, people would not be enrolling and re-enrolling in the gym all the time.”

Weight Loss Plan didn't work

Key factor for weight Loss

  • Spend More Time NOT Dieting – For long term sustainability, You should be spending just as much, if not more time, NOT dieting as you are in a dedicated fat loss phase.
  • Prioritize Sleep is important but often overlooked. Do you REALLY prioritizing your sleep? Do you sleep for 7-8 hours everyday? Sleep is important for overall function of your brain. Improve your sleep to improve your mood, health, food cravings and skin. To read the impo
  • Increase Steps Before Increasing Cardio – Walk more. It’s one of the best fat loss tools and also happens to have some hormonal and psychological benefits as well.
  • Stop ordering food from outside – This doesn’t mean you can’t ever go out or order in. Just reduce the number, so if you normally order out 3x/week, reduce it to 2.
  • Don’t Restrict/Eliminate Foods You Love – One of the most common mistakes when trying to lose fat is creating all of these “food rules”. When you tell yourself you can’t have something.. that’s all you’ll think about. It also creates this “on track/off track” mindset.
  • Drink enough water – Our brain send the body same signal for water and food. Drink enough water to make sure your body is not dehydrated. Most healthy people can stay well hydrated by drinking water and other fluids whenever they feel thirsty.
    • Common signs of dehydration is Extreme thirst, Urinating less than usual, Headache, Dark-colored urine, Sluggishness, fatigue, Bad breath, Cracked lips, Dry mouth and Sugar cravings.


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