Top 3 ways to BURN more calories by Walking

Try walking differently

SELF LOVE – Why is it so difficult!

No lifetime, no matter how successful, will be truly rewarding or happy if you cannot learn to love yourself and be yourself.

Bone Marrow – Food choices to keep in mind

Food choices that helps in Healthy Bone marrow. Let’s eat right today to have a Healthy tomorrow.

What is your RAGE?

Your silence may become the cause of other person’s SOCIAL INJUSTICE ….

Sleep – A brain food

Sleep is a vital, often neglected, component of every person’s overall health and well-being.

Middle Child? This one is for you

Middle children typically have more freedom and less pressure growing up

Love eating out? 4 reasons why you should avoid eating out.

There is a difference between eating right kind of fat and eating fatty foods. It puts our body into stress resulting in the long term diseases

Are You the Eldest One?

In order to lead a more meaningful and successful life, you have to know yourself better. Though self awareness is a lifelong process, here’s a simple way to get started. Your birth order can reveal a lot about you and according to Austrian psychiatrist, Alfred Adler, sibling hierarchy can have a profound effect on our … Read more

Kill Hypocrisy – One change this world needs

We are all hypocrites. We cannot see ourselves or judge ourselves the way we see and judge others.

How to feel MOTIVATED all the time??

I can’t even count, in my life how many times I have been pulled down and how many times I have gathered the strength to get up and get moving. Still, there are days when I feel sad, there are days, when even will I feel demotivated!!! We all have a easy way to live … Read more