I met a friend yesterday. She is my school friend and I met her after a decade. We started sharing life stories. By the day end she told me how miserable her life has turned out to be. Her husband’s business is also going through a rough patch. All she wanted was a happy life to begin with.

I explained her this is life. Its full of twist and turn, ups and downs. This is the glory of life that nothing lasts forever. Neither bad nor good times. All we need to do is accept it they way it is, be brave in bad time and cherish those good times. People around us are important, however the most important is our understanding towards life and us. You might not figure everything out, and it’s ok.

Happiness is the most desired yet least chased GOAL.

We all want to be happy but we seldom work towards it. Our life teaches us so many lessons still we are not living it mindfully. Here is my list of 21 facts you must learn in your life

21 Facts You Must learn In Your Life

1. Not many people really care about you matters. They ask and comment simply because they are curious. Don’t let them affect the decisions you make.

2. You’ll suck at everything in the beginning. But if you’re persevere and patient, time will reward you with what you deserve and punish the ones who easily give up.

3. No matter how good or bad your life is at this stage, always remember this time will pass away” and you can stay humble and motivated to continue your journey.

4. People close to you see things with more clarity than you do sometimes. Forgo your ego and take the good advice.

5. You’ll fail countless times before you succeed. But that doesn’t matter. You only need to do the right things when the opportunities come.

6. There are no answers to some questions. If you can’t get them after trying, that means you need to let go.

7. Life doesn’t get easier. You get better.

8. Self-love is always the most important thing.

9. Relationships can be fragile but you’ll learn how to choose better people.

10. It’s ok not to settle down so easily and early. The better is waiting for you.

11. Debt can be your worst enemy. Try your best to save some money

12. Your parents are often your greatest support though you spend little time with them.

13. The real world can be ugly, but it depends on which angle you choose to see it.

14. Not all friends are meant to be kept. But for those who stay, do treasure them.

15. Don’t deprive your loved ones of hope.

16. Don’t just to kind towards others, be kind towards yourself.

17. No matter how evident it may be, it’s better to be upfront with your feelings instead of expecting someone to just know what’s wrong.

18. You don’t need to feel guilty for outgrowing a friendship.

19. Rejection is important for self-development.

20. Learn to let people grow. Help them shine.

21. The only consistent thing in life is change. Embrace the change.

Download this and keep this as a reminder

– Apurva

8 thoughts on “21 FACTS YOU MUST LEARN IN YOUR LIfE”

  1. Great advice … We all should be grateful.. do our blessed .. make our self happy and automatically things would fall in place.. Don’t forget to slowndown and breathe one day and at a time .. So proud of u girl for putting urself out there.

      • I hear you…. In a sea of people sometimes it seems we’re not seen for the help we’re trying to offer others. You have made a difference for me with all the advice your posting. Always look forward to the next one. Be Blessed.


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