I was an OBESE teenager and always wanted to lose weight. However, I always wanted quick results and ofcourse that never happen. I tried everything thing from SPOT REDUCTION to FAD DIETS nothing worked. Gradually I gained even more weight because I thought If couldn’t lose weight I might as well live to eat.

With time I realise the Health hazards of being overweight. My legs and back started to hurt, insecurities started to grew inside me and I stopped socializing. My low self-esteem made me self destructive. Until one day I took a decision to put my thoughts into action. When I started my WEIGHT LOSS journey, I was about 282 lbs (my highest was 286) and I thought gastric bypass was the only option for me from here. However, that wasn’t cost effective and was not safe either. So, I thought to give myself and my Health one more chance. This time I started reading about Health and the science behind HEALTHY LIVING.

I realised there is no secret to GOOD HEALTH. It’s all out there. All we need to do, is to follow it without giving up. So this time, I did not set any timelines for losing weight. I changed my focus on being Healthy and fit. My only goal this time was not to quit no matter how much time it takes. And trust me it worked. When we focus on being Healthy and Fit we commit ourselves to being more aware about our body. Weight loss happens interim of this.

Let me tell you what worked for me in this journey.


According to me these are the 3 RULES TO WEIGHT LOSS/ MANAGEMENT


Don’t follow a diet that you cannot adapt for your entire life. The reason why fad diets don’t work, is we cannot continue that kind of diet of life time. So if you want to lose weight and don’t want to gain it back try adapting a healthy lifestyle instead. Make sure to include raw vegetables and fruits in your diet. Make healthier choices when you cook. According to Harvard Studies on Balanced Diet, 45% of your daily diet plan should include raw vegetables (salads) and fruits.


Train your mind to train your body to exercise at least 5 days a week. Don’t punish your body with workout cause you ate more rather gift your body with workout. Your body realises endorphins when you work out which also known as happy hormones. Regular exercise not only helps you in Weight loss it reduce health risk to a large extent. You must include strength training in your workout plan. It improves your ability to do daily activities and it strengthen your bones and muscles. It may be for ten minutes only but never miss it a workout.


In the beginning, its easy to get tempted with food and your mind will give you all kinds of excuses to skip a workout. Even if you lose track from your Healthy lifestyle and Workout routine go back on track. Start afresh. Tell yourself, it’s a lifetime commitment you have made to yourself, for your own Good Health. My mother still goes for a walk every day cause she wants to stay fit and she understands how important it is to follow this throughout. We all lose track but the important thing is to go back on track.

Quick Tip :

1. Keep a journal of your daily diet and workout routine.
2. It takes double time reduce weight in comparison to the time it took you the same Weight. So be patient.
3. Stop buying unhealthy snacks, it’s the easiest way to prevent eating it.
4. When you are hungry drink water first. Our mind sends our body same signal for thirst and hunger.
5. Be aware of what is Healthy and Unhealthy food.

Do not underestimate the value of Good Health. Make sure you exercise daily. It will help your body maintain physical fitness. Moreover, do not consume junk food all the time. Do not smoke or drink as it has serious harmful consequences. Lastly, try to take adequate sleep regularly.

In the midst of these hard times it is our good health and good sleep that are enjoyable.

Knute Nelson



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