Implementation of 4-M’s to Manage Stress

A Healthy individual must lay equal importance on physical and mental health. Unfortunately, when it comes to being Healthy we only focus on physical aspects of health. The fact is mental and physical health go hand in hand and stress is managed effectively when we take care of our complete wellness.

A simple yet effective way to manage stress is by this 4M ‘s technique. “4 M’s”: Medical wellness, Mindfulness, Mindset shifts, and Meaning Structures. Let’s take a look at this simple yet powerful way:

Medical wellness

Medical wellness : Individuals can only grow in their complete capacity if their health is taken care off. People grow their businesses, and achieve fulfillment if they have a good foundation of basic health. That is why I emphasis so much on sound sleep, good nutrition, exercise, and “downtime.” I encourage my clients to consult with physicians for appropriate medical care when necessary and with mental health professionals if they struggle with challenges like anxiety, depression, or attention deficit disorder.


Mindfulness: In addition to the physical health, we must encourage and empower ourselves to hone our stress management skills. Mindfulness strategies such as Meditation, Exercise and controlled Breathing techniques are particularly powerful Ways to manage stress. According to a research, 80 percent of individuals were able to manage their stress when they were regular in Meditation and Exercise. When we practice the Meditation, Exercise and controlled Breathing techniques regularly it helps us calm our mind, body and emotions. For some people practicing controlled Breathing techniques and Meditation helps them with pausing in the midst of their frenetic daily lives, so that they can think more clearly, set priorities, plan strategically for the future, and execute on their goals.

Mindset shifts

Mindset shifts : We need to learn the right way to recognize our self-defeating and self-limiting beliefs. We all sometimes doubt and criticize ourselves. Instead we need to coach ourselves to choose positive, yet realistic, beliefs about ourselves and our situations. Drawing on cognitive psychology and the power of a “growth mindset,” we need to challenge ourselves to question our underlying negative assumptions and thoughts. Rather than dwelling on your shortcomings we need to start accepting the way we are and work towards our growth. We must choose a forward looking belief system that can drive action plans for success instead of dwelling on what could go wrong.

Meaning structures

Meaning structures: In both professional and personal lives, human beings thrive when they tie to their everyday activities to a higher life purpose. Instead we need to identify our core values and define OUR “highest good.” This self-understanding enables us to strive toward joy and fulfillment in all aspects of our lives. It can also deepen their sense of interpersonal connectedness, which in turn can strengthen the quality of life and success of other people in their work and personal lives.

Instead of focusing on winning, start focusing on learning

Instead of focusing on what could go wrong, start focusing on how to make things right.

Instead of focusing on results, start focusing on implementation of your action plan.

Instead of looking at your weaknesses, start building your strength.

Instead of following the set rules, start making your own rules.

Things Don’t Change Overnight or by Overthinking
Things Don’t Change your worries or overanalyzing

Things Don’t Change just by thinking about them.

They change when you START working towards them.
They change when you Let go the fear of failure.

They change when your Shear Dedication And Hardwork.

They change when you give up The Urge To Control The Outcome.


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