6 Habits To Lose Weight Or Stay Lean

I have worked hard to lose 110 lbs and I know the struggle that comes with it. Let me share my secret my my weight loss:-

1. Exercise on a regular basis.

Not only does regular exercise speed up your metabolism, but it’ll also build momentum to make better choices with your diet too. Your subconscious mind pushes you to eat better since you are working hard in the gym.

2. Monitor your progress.

This will keep you from “accidentally” gaining 10-20 pounds.

I’ll weigh myself monthly and measure my progress by my cloth size and waist measurement.

3. Eat similar foods most days.

This will decrease the number of food-related decisions you’ll make each day. The more food decisions you make, the more likely you’ll be to make a poor choice. My breakfast, lunch and dinner has almost the same time and menu.

4. Master your hunger.

Especially when it comes to differentiating between physical & psychological hunger.

Psychological hunger typically happens out of habit or boredom, and there’s usually a specific food or type of food you’re craving.

Physical hunger often feels like there’s a pit in your stomach, and it comes at predictable times each day.

5. Prioritize your workouts & meals.

Wake up and have a clear outline of what you need to get done. The magic lies in your Daily routine. It may mean that majority of your meals maybe the same everyday. However, that’s where the change happens and health takes priority.

It won’t always go according to plan, but some planning beats none at all and the best part is it reduces the chance you emotional eating.

6. Get back on track no matter what.

It’s okay to enjoy your family outing or a get together. However, don’t let that weekend pass take you away from your healthy lifestyle. Don’t follow a diet culture rather focus on eating healthy every day. Don’t let one cheat day or one cheat weak demotivate you from your healthy lifestyle.

Always Remember, consistency beats perfection. You don’t have to be perfect just have to be consistent.


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