7 Important lessons by Bhagwat Gita

Gita is the answer to all our questions.
  Bhagwat Geeta as a Hindu Holy book, however the truth is that Bhagwat Geeta is a solutions to all the life’s problem. Its practical and teaches us the art of living life. Let me share few Verses that helps us is decision making.  These verses are 5000 years old yet equally practical for our time.

Lesson 1.  Feelings are temporary. Never take decision on the basis of your feelings or emotions.

Taking a decision based on our emotions is always a bad decision.
In Bhagwat gita Arjun didn’t want to fight in war with his cousins. His emotions towards his extended family blurred his vision. He had a fear of losing extended family and teachers who taught him every thing in righteous war, but Lord Krishna explained him that his mind is clouded with emotions and he is not thinking right. One must not take decision based on their emotions because emotions are temporary. You will not always feel the way you are feeling right now.

Lesson 2.  Avoid decision when in extreme. Don’t make promises when you are happy.

In the sixth chapter of Bhagwat gita, Lord Krishna said we should keep a balanced mind, therefore don’t take any decision when you are very Happy or sad.
The decisions that are taken during extreme Happiness or extreme sadness will always be incorrect.

I am sure we all have taken a decision in our extreme emotions once which we regret later.

Lesson 3.  Am I focusing only on the result ?
There is a word ‘Niskam karma’ has been used a lot in the Holy Book Gita. ‘Niskam karma‘ means do your work and don’t worry about result. Most of the time it has been seen that we focus always on our result and forget that we have to work for good instead we waste our time to think about result. For example – a person who wants to loose his weight. Most of the time he will think always about his weight but he has to understand that for loosing weight he will have to do exercise (work), he will have to focus on exercise not result.

Lesson 4. Virtue of actions. Krishna explains how Karma yoga, i.e. performance of prescribed duties, but without attachment to results, is the appropriate course of action. In simple words, whenever you do something for someone do it without any expectations. For example: If I cook for my family I am taking up the responsibility to feed them with nourished food. I must complete my responsibility with out any expectations from them.

Lesson 5.  Whatever is done without faith is useless.
This is the 28th shloka of chapter 17th in Bhagwat gita. It simply means that any thing that is done with doubts is a waste of time. You either have faith or you don’t. You cannot be in double mind. You either believe in DESTINY OR YOU DON’T! You either believe in yourself or you Don’t!! You either believe in a system or you don’t!!! Have 100% faith in what ever you do. Your should faith is the pillar of your decision. STOP doing those things that you don’t believe in cause. The end result will only be as good as your faith in it.

Lesson 6.  Keep your Goal High.
There is 21st shalok of chapter 3rd in bhagwat gita.
Whatever action a great man perform, common men follow. We have a person to look upto, but the question is WHY do we look upto that specific person!!! The answer is we look upto that specific person due to their ideologies, goals and accomplishments in life. For example : Many Individuals look upto Mother Teresa. The reason why is she has dared to achieve a goal which was impossible to achieve. She dedicated her life for the well being of humanity.
Hence any decision with high thinking and high goal is difficult but that’s the glory of life.

Lesson 7.  Right counseling can lead better decision.
In bhagwat gita, Arjun was an undefeatable warrior yet he reached Lord Krishna for guidance. He shared his doubts about getting into war with his own family. It was Lord Krishna guidance that showed him the path of choosing RIGHT over WRONG no matter how difficult it is. Lord Krishna explained how important it is to choose RIGHT above any relationship in life. Even if it results in fighting a battle with your own Guru ( the one who made you who you are). Hence, don’t keep your problem within, rather choose a righteous person to guide you. We all need guidance in life.



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