8 Beliefs You Must Adapt For A Better Life

Our belief system can make or break our success path. For centuries, our belief systems has influenced us and our daily practices honored different ideas and customs. We all have the right to adapt the belief system that we feel inclined towards and that works the best for our future. However, there are some beliefs that has worked the best for almost every successful human being and we must learn to adapt them.

Life is an ever growing journey and we can start working on ourselves anytime. Below are some beliefs that are like the tried and tested formulas of every successful person.

✅ Success comes from effort

❌ Success comes from talent

✅ I can grow my intelligence

❌ My level of intelligence is fixed

✅ I love embracing a really hard challenge

❌ I don’t like challenges because they threaten my ego

✅ Failure means I am learning

❌ Failure means I can’t do it

✅ Feedback is required for personal growth but not every feedback is useful

❌ Feedback is most often a personal attack

✅ I’m inspired by others who are better than me at the thing I know is a strength of mine.

❌ I feel threatened by others who are better than me at the thing I know is a strength of mine.

✅ Confidence is a skill that can be learnt and mastered upon.

❌ Confidence is a personality attribute that people are born with

✅ Money is not a measurement of success

❌ My income is the sole measurement of success

We may believe that knowledge is fixed, meaning there is only one way to approach a problem or opportunity. People embracing this absolutist philosophy will adhere to dogmas, believing, for example, that the best jobs / professional success are only landed as a result of strong social connections and not through skill development.

However, that’s not true. A sustainable success only happens when you keep on working towards your skills and knowledge.

There is no set age for learning, there is no set person from whom you can learn and there is no place on this earth where you cannot learn.

You just need to be open towards the Idea of learning at any time.

The more you learn, the more you grow.

– Apurva

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