Success Mantra Lessons from “Bhagwat Gita”!!

Whom should you give Credit For Your Success per “Bhagwat Gita”??

Your success is the result of not only your efforts, it is a combination of several other factors and support systems.

Success Mantra Lessons from "Bhagwat Gita"!!

While the battle of Kurukshetra was at its peak, *Arjuna and Karna* were fighting each other. It was a battle to witness, a flurry of arrows were being exchanged, and even the gods were witnessing this epic battle between the two warriors.

*Arjuna* would shoot his arrows and the impact of these arrows was so intense that *Karna’s* chariot would go back by 25-30 feet. People who witnessed this were amazed by the skills of *Arjuna.*

*Karna* was no less. When he shot arrows, *Arjuna’s* chariot would also shake and go back by three-four feet.

More than anyone else, *Lord Krishna* would applaud *Karna* every time his arrow hit *Arjuna’s* chariot. But not once did he applaud *Arjuna’s* skills.

At the end of the day, *Arjuna* asked *Lord Krishna*: “O Lord, I have shot so many arrows at *Karna’s* chariot, it was being displaced like a feather in the wind, but not once did you appreciate me. Rather, you would appreciate *Karna’s* skill despite his arrows just displacing my chariot a little.”

*Lord Krishna* smiled and replied: *“Arjuna,* remember, your chariot is protected by *Hanuman* on your flag at the top; you have *me* as your charioteer in the front and you have *Sheshnag* at its wheels, yet the whole chariot would still sway and get displaced whenever the valiant *Karna* hit us with his arrows. But *Karna’s* chariot is not protected by any such force. He is on his own, yet he fights valiantly.”

It is said that after the battle of *Kurukshetra* was over, *Lord Krishna* refused to get off the chariot till *Arjuna* got down. Once *Krishna* alighted from the chariot, it caught fire and was reduced to dust.

Success Mantra Lessons from "Bhagwat Gita"!!

*Lord Krishna* said: *“O Arjuna,* your chariot was destroyed by *Karna* a long time ago; I was still protecting it. Never in your life have the arrogance to say that you have achieved great heights. If you have achieved something, it is due to the *divine will*. It is *divine intervention* that has always protected you, cleared your path and given you right opportunities at the right time!”

Every time you feel you have done great in markets/life or anything, just read this, it will bring back to your senses.

Success Mantra Lessons from "Bhagwat Gita"!!
Success Mantra Lessons from "Bhagwat Gita"!!

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