Become a leader of your life not a follower

Do you lead your life or your life leads you?

Have you ever noticed almost all parents are leaders?

Think about it…

What does being a leader mean to you?
No it does not mean to boss around, it simply means TO LEAD mindfully, and encourage others as well to do the same.

No-one is a born leader, with life, with circumstances in schools, in college, in office or in our family we learn to lead gradually.

For a few life teaches them to become a leader of their life, whereas for others life leads them. However, with time I noticed how important it is to lead our life.

Life is never the same, it changes. No one ever thought of this pandemic, but it happened. However, if you lead your own life you will be able to make the best out of it.
Did you know a lot of businesses like AIR BnB was a result of a crisis.!!!

When life gives you lemons make lemonade!!!

That’s how we need to take a grip of our life. We need to make the best out of anything life throughs at you. Do not let the incidents of life affect you negatively, rather take it as a learning.

Let me tell you my 4 Step way of leading my life

Understand : It is important to understand the situation that you are in at the moment. Move on from what happened in the past. The more you will hold on to the past, the more difficult it will be for you to get grip of present and that’s how you let the life lead you. Always remember it’s your life, only you have the power to shape it the way you want it to be.

Accept : Acceptance is the key. we need to accept our current situation good, bad or ugly it is what it is. the sooner you accept your current situation the better it would be to take an action towards it.

Visualise : If you are in this step that means that so far you have moved on from your past and accepted your present. Here you must visualize how you want your life to be, know WHAT you want and WHY. We seldom forgot the power of visualization. It is powerful, every successful person in life first has a vision of their life. So have vision, long term and short term vision. Visualise where you want to be 5 years down the line, what you want and how.

Action : So far in above three step we were winning a battle in our mind, preparing it. But in this final step we need to take an action towards what you want. Nothing gets accomplished just by thinking of it, we need to work towards it. Dedicate or time and our efforts. For instance, in schools we used to learn every subject before exam however what if we do not write the exam, all the learning goes to the waste right! Similarly we need to go ahead and take action towards what we want in our life and trust me you will thank yourself that you took that step. You do not hear to your internal fears and you take that step.

“Life happens to all of us. It’s not what happens to us, but how we respond to what happens to us that really decides if we’re going to be victims or if we’re going to get and have everything we’ve ever dreamed of.”
— Eric Thomas


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