Benefits of walking for better health and weight loss

Walking is one of the most underrated things you can do to lose more weight and improve your physical and mental health.

Some of y’all are already aware of the benefits of walking.

But there’s a large percentage of people who think walking is too easy and doesn’t burn enough calories per session to be helpful for weight loss.

But both of those things are exactly what make walking such an amazing activity for weight loss!

Below are the most frequently asked questions that may help you understand the benefits of walking

Question #1: Walking is too easy

Yes, it’s easy, but that’s what makes it something you can add to your life with little to no resistance.

Remember, the less resistance there is to following a plan, the more likely you’ll stay consistent in the long run.

And since it’s easy, you can do it more often, which tackles the next argument.

Benefits of walking for weight loss

Question #2: Walking doesn’t burn a ton of calories

Indeed, walking doesn’t burn a ton of calories per session, but since it’s easy to do, you can do it more often.

Walking burns about 200% more calories than sitting. (4x more)

Sitting = 50 calories per hour.
Walking = 200 calories per hour.

x 1 hour per day…

Sitting = 50 calories
Walking = 200 calories

X 7 days a week…

Sitting = 350 calories
Walking = 1400 calories

It takes about 3,500 calories to burn 1 pound of fat, so by walking 1 hour per day, you can burn close to an extra half a pound of fat per week!

Plus, there are SO many physical and mental benefits to walking that have nothing to do with weight loss, including better recovery, digestion, and stress management.

When it comes to walking more, I recommend doing so in small increments.

Don’t go from 5k steps per day straight to 10-12k steps per day.

Start in smaller increments.

If you’re currently getting 5k steps, shoot for 6-7k steps at first.

Once you’re comfortable there, you can add another 1-2k when you feel ready.

If you’re able to consistently hit 8-12k steps per day, you’re golden.

Of course, walking isn’t the only form of low-intensity cardio.

You could bike or walk 9 holes of golf.

The idea is to find some form of low-stress movement that you can do regularly throughout the week.

Benefits of walking for better health and weight loss

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