Can you gain weight in a day?

I often hear people getting scared about eating sweets or food on festivals and holidays. Some people get paranoid about gaining holiday or festival weight.

But do you really think one can gain FAT in a couple of days?

No, it’s not possible. One cannot gain or lose fat in a span of 3-4days. It doesn’t matter what all you are in a short span of time, What matters is what you ate the rest of the year.

Body weight is an incredibly helpful tool for analyzing progress. Problem is, most people don’t know how to analyze it properly…

Most people see their weight day-to-day (or even once a week) and think the single number flashing up at them is all that matters.

The 1-2 kgs weight fluctuation you see has nothing to do with fat. It’s water retention or maybe your stomach is not cleaned properly.

Water retention: When our body we eat more sodium or carbohydrates then usuall our body retains water. It may also happen if we sleep less.

Stick to your plan, drink plenty of water and that weight will flush right out.

Unfortunately, most people take a different route. Instead of getting back on track, they’ll cut calories do “guilt” cardio , or just quit altogether 9

Don’t fall for that trap!

You know that your weight on a single day does NOT define your progress as a whole.

Quick tip

1. Drink green tea 1-2 times a day. It increases metabolism of your body and detoxifies the body.

2. Do not stress over weight, it may also increase your weight.

3. Do add salads and fruits in your meals.

4. Instead of snacking on chips or other processed foods eat dry fruits.


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