How to master “self-talk”? Why is it important!

What ever you are today and whatever you want to achieve in the future depends on “How do you talk to yourself?” Let’s master self-talk to achieve the unthinkable

Don’t compare your destiny with others

A 50 year old gentleman was suffering from deep stress, anxiety and his wife took an appointment with a counselor who was also an astrologer. The Wife said:- “He is in severe mental Stress, please see his horoscope also.” The astrologer saw the horoscope and found everything correct. Now he started his counseling. He asked … Read more

IMPERFECTION as in a diamond

Let me tell me my secret LIFE HACK. So I was talking to this amazing friend of mine, who is a life coach. This person is inspirational. She has been through so much in life, yet she is so much at peace. She told me this few years back and trust me since then my … Read more

What is Anger !!

A saint was asked – ” what is anger?” He gave a beautiful answer “It is a punishment we give to ourself, for somebody else’s mistake.” We all lose our temper from time to time, however there is a difference between anger expressing differences in opinion or feelings. Expressing your differences in opinion is healthy. … Read more

World filled with HUMANITY not Perfection

The Human BEHIND ME expects just humanity not perfect world. The Human Behind Me laughs with many, happy with herself and is aware about her imperfections. The Human Behind Me say’s she doesn’t care but she does yet she shows she doesn’t and appears cold hearted. The Human Behind Me handles everything like an adult, … Read more

Box Breathing – A Technique To Calm Your Body And Mind

Signup for Newsletter WHAT IS BOX BREATHING? Box breathing is also known as Square breathing. It has been positively associated with reducing stress, anxiety, better sleep and improved heart health and depression. It has four main parts: INHALE, HOLD, EXHALE, HOLD. It is a powerful stress reliever and an excellent way to calm down a … Read more

9 Habits that Makes ANXIETY WORSE

“If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey What is anxiety ? Anxiety is a feeling of worry or fear, especially about the future. Now we cannot control what happens around us but … Read more