7 Signs You Have A Vitamin D Deficiency

We all need a variety of nutrients to fuel our bodies and live our best lives, yet many of us regularly fall short on a number of those nutrients. Of particular concern in recent years: our lack of vitamin D. According to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vitamin D levels … Read more

How to say “NO” and stop people pleasing behaviour?

People Pleasing has No Benefits, to stop people pleasing it’s important to first see clearly that it has no benefits to continue the behavior. You probably at least already know that it feels bad to do something you actually don’t want to do, just to please others. People pleasing feels bad because you’re not respecting … Read more

Deal with emotion the right way

I know that life can be overwhelming at times, and we might use our react to it in a certain way. However, we must understand the emotion behind every reaction that comes from you. Instead of giving an excuse “this is the way I am”, invest time in understanding yourself. You can be your biggest … Read more

How can sleeping less make you gain weight!! Ways to fix it

Studies have highlighted the fact that just one night of bad sleep can slow down metabolism the next day, reducing the energy expenditure by 20 per cent. Sleep deprivation can lead to not only weight gain but also some serious health issues. Reasons why poor sleep can cause weight gain :- Sleeping less than eight … Read more

How to overcome Eliminate Your Fear or Your anxiety about few things?

How to overcome your fears post pandemic ?

Ways to clean your DIET

Adapt a DIET that you can grow old with!! I have lived life with a certain mindset about health however the moment I realised that weight is not the measurement of health my life changed. Good health is not only the key to better life but also disease-free death. Good health comes from : Balanced … Read more

How to Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Your Body?

Are you in love with your body??? Don’t let media fool you about a certain type of body is beautiful.

Things Nobody Told You About “How Universe speaks to us”?

You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind How The Universe Speaks To Us?.

Ten Secrets That fitness industry dont want to share! True Health Facts

Are fast food chains the “bad guys”? Are we all genetically pre-disposed to be “fat” or “skinny”?  Or, is there another factor contributing to the widespread obesity problem? We are exposed on a daily basis to hundreds of advertisements, many promoting specific foods that are supposed to be convenient and nutritious. Health is everything not … Read more

How to recognise a Toxic behaviour? Signs of a Toxic Person

We all can be toxic from time to time without even realising it. For example, when you go out with someone and pin point their clothes Or when you say you partner, “Is this you are wearing”! you are bruising their confidence without even intending it. This is just a small example of being toxic … Read more