How to become your biggest fan?

It’s OK to be a “work in progress” and still be in love with yourself. Believe in yourself and there will come a day when others will have no choice but to believe in you. Trust me, for others to believe in you, you need to believe in yourself first. You need to be your … Read more

10 Steps of Yoga Nidra In 10 Minutes

YOGA nidra a profound way to ease your mind and body.

It possible to grow more Post a Traumatic Experience ?

Post-traumatic growth or Post trauma growth is actually a clinical psychology term. It means a significant personal growth after a traumatic incident. Let’s begin with my own example :- My family and me lost my father last year, due to covid-19 and its after covid complications. He was in his sixties. He was in hospital … Read more

Understanding Depression And Ways To Overcome It.

What Is Depression? Depression is a serious medical condition that c thoughts, moods swings behavior and physical heath. Depression doesn’t have a “look” – even if someone doesn’t seem depressed in public, they could still be struggling. There’s more to depression than sadness and hopelessness. For example, being more angry and irritable than usual is … Read more

Chemicals Responsible To Make You Happy – GET YOUR DAILY D.O.S.E.

How to get your daily DOSE of happiness chemicals? D – DOPAMINE O – OXYTOCIN S – SEROTONIN E – ENDORPHIN DOPAMINE – is the chemical that mediates pleasure in the brain. * Enables motivation, learning and pleasure * Gives you determination to accomplish goals, desires and needs OXYTOCIN – is often nicknamed “cuddle hormone” … Read more

Mental Toughness? What is it? Why is it necessary?

**What comes to your mind when you think of the word “Mental Toughness” though?** Most people imagine a strong guy/girl who can fight, who tolerates pain and acts in a certain way. Well what if I told you that there’s another kind of tough, Mentally Tough. What is Mental Toughness? Mental toughness is like a … Read more

You are there with me…

Life happens to all of us, but only few are able to shine. In life, attitude is everything; it is what shapes our beliefs and our desires. A note to my dad –

Beautiful YOU, I Believe In YOU

I hope you read this and believe in yourself. You are powerful, strong, and can do everything you put your finger on. I know you don’t feel like it right now… but you are. I know you’ve been hard on yourself, how you view and talk to yourself is nothing you’d do outloud.I know you … Read more

5 Daily Activites Damaging Your Mental Health

We usually think stress is the root cause of our bad mental health. Surprisingly according to a research project, our daily routine has a huge impact on our mind. Our small habit adds more stress to our mental health. Let’s adapt Self-discipline and better habits today to better our mental health 1. No Breakfast – … Read more

PTSD – Post-traumatic stress disorder

Last week a friend of mine called, he wanted to pass his condolences for my father’s demise. He said that “Death is a universal truth of lif you need to accept this”. Nothing is permanent in life. While all of this is true, there is one more truth that a lot of people don’t realise. … Read more