Do you have a HEALTH mindset?

The thing about health is that you’ll never completely reach your goals with nourishing food and movement alone. The other huge piece of the puzzle is mindset. Aligning the beliefs that guide your thoughts, feelings, and actions with HEALTH and what you do want is what propels you towards your health goals.  The thing about … Read more

Reason to cut down on sugar!

Sugar is more harmful than we think it is. It’s has zero nutritional value and due to the chemically treatment. We eat more refined sugar today than our parents and grandparents did three decades ago, which has resulted in increasing obesity rates among adults and children. Obesity has been associated with certain cancers, including breast … Read more

Top secret Reasons to Get Rid of Your Expectations?

Who said that your relationship has to be perfect? Or that the sun has to shine every day while you’re on vacation? Who says that your kids have to be well-behaved all the time and bring home nothing but the best grades from school? That’s not what life is like. You may have the greatest … Read more

Reasons why you must include garlic in your diet?

Garlic has many health benefits. It’s usually recommended to people with heart disease. As it plays a vital role by decreasing cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides, among other things. This article focuses on the health advantages and qualities of garlic. This plant has been shown to be a natural remedy for a variety of diseases. … Read more

Simple Living: “When to adjust vs when to confront a person”

Adjust!? I am sure most of us have adjusted to different situations and circumstances from time to time. So, We all know what adjustment/adjusting is! However, strangely I have noticed people take it on their ego when they have to adjust often for another human being! Why? According to the dictionary the verb “to adjust” … Read more