Why should we eat FRUITS and VEGETABLES more?

It is a known fact that fruits and vegetables must be included in our daily diet. Fruits and vegetables are high in fibre content, hence it’s not only great for digestion issues but also a natural multivitamin. Looking to add more fiber to your diet? Add ad least 2-3 servings of salad and fruits in … Read more

FRUITS and VEGETABLES are Healthy. But Why?

It is now known that fruits and vegetables are healthy. But why actually? The 10 most important advantages at a glance. 1. Many people suffer from weight problems because they eat to much If you like to eat a lot, choose fruits and vegetables. They are low in calories and high in fiber and make … Read more

Vegetarian Diet can also be in High Protein

I’am a vegetarian and I know it’s difficult to fulfill protein requirment for vegetarians. I depend a lot on pulses and Paneer (cottage cheese) to fulfill my daily Protien requirement. It is a common misconception that meat is the only good source of protein. Some plant powerhouses such as beans, grains, nuts, soya and seeds … Read more