Three things I learnt in this PANDEMIC


I have changed so much in last one decade it almost seems like I am new person altogether. I have always been a stubborn and an angry kid. In anger as a kid I even left my house to live in a temple(thankfully I was 5 yrs old and came back as soon as I felt hungry). Now when I think of it I feel, I was so naive, I still am thankfully that hasn’t changed. The point is we all learn, change and grow through our mistakes. Over the years I realised how important it is to change. What if river doesn’t change its course, What if sun doesn’t change its direction, What if children do not mature as an adult and the list goes on. My point is in this pandemic I learnt how important it is for us to adapt to changes. Pandemic is the biggest change that have happened in this millennium.

Take a break

This pandemic and the lockdown gave me the much needed break. I did everything that I couldn’t in the past few years. I spent time with my family, read more books, instead of gym started running and learnt cooking. Though it wasn’t a matter of choice to take this break, I’m still glad this break happened. It made me realise though we all live with our family how less time we spend, how less we know them or how less we know ourselves. Some “me” time is always good for are brain as well. We need to take a chill pill every once in a while.

Things doesn’t always go our away

Let me make a confession, I am a little bit of control freak. I like to be in control of a situation. I am kind of person who has a plan to execute a plan. I do not like things to go south. I make a do to list and to follow that list I make a schedule. I like to be well prepared for every thing that is coming my way. However this lock down made me realise that no one was prepared for this COVID crisis. I can’t be prepared for every thing that happens in this life. I m sure it must have made everyone realise that things can change overnight. Nothing is permanent, so enjoy every moment of this BEAUTIFUL LIFE.

– Apurva

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