Coping with Overwhelming Emotions

We all have, at some point in time faced this feeling. Thus it goes without saying that a plethora of emotions or an intense wave of an emotion can definitely cause a sense of overwhelm and stress. The problem here lies in the fact that if not kept in check, this overwhelm can lead to repercussions on oneself and others around us. For instance- An overwhelming sense of anger can lead to a heated argument, or we may say or do something hurtful.

Coping with emotional overwhelm can be quite a herculean task, especially in cases where environment just serves as a catalyst. Here are some ways you can deal with overwhelming emotions:


The moment you realise you’re feeling a certain emotion too intensely, pause. Take a breather. Acting impulsively is only going to make matters worse.

In terms of reflection, it’s helpful to name your emotion and be aware of it. Sometimes we simply drown in a feeling without even knowing what it exactly is. In cases like being angry or upset, it’s tough to draw a line between the two because we ourselves don’t know what’s happening! Sit with the emotion.

Try to understand what it is that you’re feeling and where it’s stemming from. Though that feeling may not magically vanish, it will help you understand and work on it from there on. Also, remember that emotions are FELT. They are not exactly the same as thoughts, though they are all experienced in tandem.

Think about the time you have felt emotionally overwhelmed. You know, the moment where you feel like your emotions are slowly building up and you’re just about to burst!

Coping with Overwhelming Emotions

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