Customised DIET Plan

Adapt a DIET that you can grow old with!!

Let me help you build a healthy lifestyle and Guide you towards a diet that works the best for your body.


Consistency is the key

Here are 20 important things to know if you are trying to lose weight :-

  1. Consistency is the key
  2. Fad Diets will never give you sustainable results
  3. Your body and its progress will be different than others
  4. You need to be in a calorie deficit
  5. There are no shortcuts
  6. Eating at night isn’t bad
  7. You should start now, not next Monday
  8. 1200 calories is probably too low
  9. Walking is very underrated
  10. It’s ok to eat carbs
  11. The number on the scale will matter less & less
  12. Strength training is very helpful
  13. It will take longer than you want, be patient
  14. Sleeping plays an important role in health
  15. Stop drinking your calories
  16. In order to prevent regaining the lost weight you must adapt a healthy lifestyle
  17. Your Health is an investment and eating healthy is expensive than eating crap
  18. Keep yourself hydrated
  19. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables
  20. Stop buying biscuits/chips, period

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