Dear Smile

Dear Smile

Dear smile,

Thank you for being there for me.

Thank you for being there on my Loved one’s lips.

Thank you for making my eyes sparkle.

Thank you for being there even when world turn against me.

You do look the best on my loved ones .

I promise to keep you always near me.

You are so dear to me.

You have made this world look so colorful.

You have made my life beautiful.

I wonder…

What would I do without you?

I wonder…

How dark this world will be without you in it?

I wonder…

What will I wish for if you vanished one day from earth?

Your presence makes beautiful memories.

Your presence makes me feel this world is worth the pain.

Your presence makes feel like life is a poetry.

You come in different ways and means so much more than just a expression.

You are the music that makes my heart dance.

You are the proof of my Loved ones happiness.

You are Precious.

You are my knight and shining Armor.

You are there for me even when I am at my worst.

You have never judged any human.

Sometimes you do get me into trouble by coming at the wrong time 😜. However, I know that is Cause you are pure.

Stay with me forever 💘♾️.

– Apurva

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