Discover your VALUE

  Do we as an individual really value ourselves?

Last night I had a fight with my family, I told them all my life and time I have had so far, I utilized on them. As a result, I have no personal life. One of them asked me who told you to. Truth is no one. We had always been bought up to prioritize our family before us since that has been set as an epitome of a successful personal life.

Is that true? Do we lose ourselves in the process? Has anyone said to not have a personal space? why don’t we give time to ourselves? Are we not worth it??

If you have the same questions lets understand a THUMB rule We are not being selfish if we are prioritizing ourselves Can that happen overnight!!!! Nope let’s practice these things for 21 days & I guarantee you will feel happy and will have new look towards life.


There is NO secret ingredient for being happy, you need to believe in yourself that you can be happy. Be your own hero, I know it sounds funny but smile when you look at yourself in mirror. Look at yourselves like you want your loved ones to look at you. Always remember the most basic ingredient of any dish is “SALT”. You are like salt; no dish is complete without YOU.

Understand your accomplishments

Don’t ever feel you have not achieved anything in life. We are so used to measure our success with other we never realize what we have accomplished so far. Overcoming small hiccups at work, a disturbing childhood, a bad breakup, making our kids eat healthy food, picking up a heathy habit for yourself, breaking a bad habit, overcoming a bad argument, a divorce, helping our friends with their issues and the list goes on is an accomplishment in itself. The fact that you are surviving, you wake up every day, you make plans for future is a proof that you are a fighter. Not every achievement could be measured by money, fame or wealth. Whenever you feel lost Just look at yourself in the mirror you will see a fighter.


In this busy day and life, we forget to thank so many great things we are blessed with. The sun, the clean water, the cloth to cover our bodies, access to the health care, shelter, food and so on. Be thankful for everything in life. Our necessities can be some one luxury. Be grateful for your inner spirit that is there with you all the time, consoling you, giving you strength even in the toughest time. Never forget YOU are special.  

Treat Yourself

Don’t we all love gifts, that date night, that feeling when someone makes us feel special. Be that SOMEONE to yourself. Treat yourself occasionally. Make it a weekly habit, cook that special meal you love, buy that chocolate you loved as a kid or play that music that make you feel soulful. Don’t be so serious in life, take yourself on date. Don’t ever think what others will perceive.

Practice these I guarantee you; you will fall in love with yourself. Always remember Life is too short to waste any amount of time on wondering what others think about you. One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.

Apurva Parwal

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