3 ways to address the DARKNESS inside ?

Diwali is a festival of lights. This was the day when evil was defeated by the god. However, it was not easy for even GOD to defeat evil. Likewise, we all have darkness inside us. I can vouch there is no single person on this earth who do not have a little darkness in them.

Darkness could be anything like anger, evil, sadness, jealousy, or envy. It can be different for different people. The idea is to not let that darkness that is inside us grow. Before we fight with the world, there is a constant fight inside us that we need to win. In my experience, there is always a way to as well to eliminate the darkness inside.

  • Reason: I have always believed if we want to solve or address a concern, we need to know the reason. Know the WHY. Why would you let someone disrespect you? Why would you get sad over a fight? Why would you not move on? Why would you let someone abuse you physically or emotionally?  Why someone keep eating the same junk when they know its unhealthy?  For instance, recently a few people wrote to that they do not want to share to much about my life on the blog. It makes me numb. My reason is may be people are not ready to accept that we all have good and bad times and it’s okay to share.
  • Action: After the you found your reason now take an action to work towards solving it. Always remember first step of taking an action is always difficult but it gets smooth thereafter. Do not let your emotions rule you. Things that matters does not come easy. I wish I could make this world a perfect place to live for everyone, but I cannot. You need to do that for yourself. So, the next time when you get sad, or envious or blue do not stay in the same state for a long time.
  • Repeat: This one is easy. Since now you know the drill, next time some dark thoughts occur your mind repeat the same process. REASON – ACTION – REPEAT.

“I hope this day you not only light up your houses but also yourself. Always remember when ever you feel stuck you are not alone in this. But the only one who can take an action is YOU.” – Apurva

 HAPPY DIWALI, May this this lighten up your life forever.

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  1. Chuck those people aside who asked you not to share about your life in your blog just because it makes them uncomfortable. I’ll say, Go ahead and write all that you are ready to talk about your life. There are people who will relate to what you’ve been through and will be grateful to you for having shared all of that with them.


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