Fat Loss is different for men and women

Women and Men are different genetically. Hence, the way their bodies responds to fat loss is also different

Lets Know The Reason Why :


Men and women seem to respond differently in significant calorie restriction. This may be due to kisspeptin, a protein-like molecule that’s essential in the reproductive process.

Kisspeptin stimulates GnRH production in both sexes, and we know it’s very sensitive to leptin, insulin, and ghrelin—hormones that regulate and react to feelings of hunger and fullness


Estrogen isn’t just for the uterus and reproduction.

We have estrogen receptors throughout our bodies, including in our brains, GI tract, and bones.

Change estrogen balance and you change metabolic function all over: cognition, mood, digestion, recovery, protein turnover, bone formation—and maybe most relevant to this discussion—appetite and energy balance.

Fat Storage

Estrogen also affects fat storage.
As you can see, estrogens are key metabolic regulators.

Yes, estrogens, plural. Estriol, estradiol, and estrone, also known as estrogenic metabolites, are three different types of estrogen found in the body.

The ratios of these estrogens change over time. This could at least partly explain why some women find it harder to lose fat.

Women’s bodies may just have a greater sensitivity to changes in energy balance.


When our bodies do detect changes, it may disrupt the HPG-axis, and our whole hormonal cycle is thrown off.

This hormonal turmoil can be aggravated further if there are other stressors draining our energy

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