How To GAIN Weight – the healthy way

When your goal is to gain weight, you should eat more calories in comparison to what you burn. Don’t drink water right before meals this can fill your stomach and make it hard to eat as much as you should

Maintain a healthy balanced diet with lots of healthy proteins.

Foods good for weight gain: Nuts, eggs, bananas, dairy products, whole grains, meat and tubers

Do strength training this will help you gain muscle instead of just fat. (Try doing this 4x a week). Don’t do too much cardio you’ll end up burning all the calories you’ve earned.

In strength training try Arnold 7-7-7 way to build muscle.

Do Include Cheat Meals For Carb Loading

Some Do’s

  • Eat Nutrient Dense Foods
  • Eat More Meals Per Day (6) Or Eat 3 Meals & 3 Large Snacks
  • Eat Before Bed
  • Drink Smoothies, juice and protein shakes
  • Don’t Go Over For Hours Without EatingGet Plenty of Sleep
  • Eat in Calorie Surplus
  • Eat Protien Rich Diet
  • Include Bananas & Dried Fruit Seeds, Nuts/Nut Butter in Your Diet
Knowledge source- The Science of

Don’t push yourself too hard, you’re body is banging.


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