Growth Is Important – Allow Yourself To Grow

Many of us are on a quest to become a better version of ourselves. We read books, listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos by our favourite motivational speaker and even attend ‘self coaching’ seminars.

One of the biggest challenges on this journey is stepping out of your comfort zone. Every step we take, helps us understand our true nature as a human being. Hence, testing new waters is important. It’s important for you to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Let’s try these simple tips to step out of your comfort zone :

First step towards personal growth : Start saying “YES”

Say yes even when you don’t think you’re ready. If you are working, say yes to new projects, new assignments, new roles — even when you have not done it before. It opens up huge opportunities in your career. Say yes, to travel to a new place. Say yes, to a new style of dressing. Who knows, you might find yourself enjoying something you never got the chance to explore earlier.

Don’t test yourself every day , it’s not a contest

Please understand that, “When you plant seeds in the garden, you don’t dig them up every day to see if they have sprouted yet. You simply water them and clear away the weeds- you know that the seed will grow in time.”

Similarly, just do your daily practice and cultivate a kind heart. Abandon impatience and instead be content in creating the causes for goodness; the results will come when they’re ready. Don’t test yourself everyday.

Take A Leap Of Faith

Sometimes in life we take a leap of faith. Nobody knows a sure shot formula for a happy life but that’s the glory of it. The idea of happy life is different for different people, the sooner you understand this the easier it becomes. Always Remember, “Your idea of a happy life can be different from others that does make you wrong and others right or vice-versa. We can co-exist inspite of our differences, right!”

Even when people have been mean to you, Be Kind Anyway

Even when world has been unfair to you, Be Fair Anyway…

Even when people have broken your trust zillion times

Be Trustworthy Anyway

Even when there is darkness in your life
Be Light In Someone’s Life Anyway...

Even when life seems to much to handle

Be Calm Anyway..

Even when there ugliness around you

Be A Beautiful Soul Anyway

Even when people around you are against you

Stand Up For Yourself ANYWAY

We all have Goodness within, Don’t let life’s Hardship mislead you.


Sometimes we have to stop being scared and just go for it. Either it’ll work out or it won’t. That’s life.


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