Gut-Brain Connection and How it may affects Your Mood!!

In my experience mood and gut has a co-relation. The stomach complaints most strongly are associated with anxiety and depression. Poor digestion may trigger MOOD SWINGS.

Researchers now believe that early-life dyspepsia (gastric upset) may permanently rewire the brain to be predisposed to depression. Our gut is sometimes described as our “second brain”. Perhaps you’ve tried medication, therapy, positive thinking, and meditation, but you still can’t seem to shake the mood swings and low feeling.

The Connection Between Your Gut and Your Brain: Known as the gut-brain axis, the connection between your digestive system and your brain should not be underestimated.

In fact, the human gut is lined with more than 100 million nerve cells, more than in the spinal cord or in the peripheral nervous system. Yes, we have brain cells in our large intestines! Surprising right! However, think about it and now it might add up why your mood and your behaviour gets impacted even when everything else around you is okay.

Fun Fact : Chemicals implicated in depression and happiness such as serotonin are also found in the gut; 90 percent of serotonin is manufactured in the digestive tract and not the brain. You’re probably already aware of how your brain can talk to your gut.

But you may not be aware that your gut does a lot of talking on its own, and the recipient of these messages is your brain. Everything from depression, anxiety, brain fog, hyperactivity, and distraction could be the result of messages you’re receiving from your gut.

Gut Bugs and Your Brain

The Power of the Microbiome: the microbiome (aka. the bacteria living in your gut) have a powerful influence on your brain by affecting your mood and your behaviour.

Having the right balance of good to bad bacteria can even shape the structure of your brain. This can have a profound influence on your mood and how you think. Hence it’s recommended to add probiotics in your diet.

Top Foods With Probiotics · Yogurt · Sauerkraut · Miso Soup · Soft Cheeses · Kefir · Sourdough Bread · Acidophilus Milk · Pickles.

Better diet for better mood?

Recent research concludes that a diet low in fibre and high in refined sugars and saturated fats can also affect our mental health. We don’t know how this occurs, but what we do know is that this “Western-style diet” can change the types of bacteria that live in your gut. This may in turn affect your mood.

Quick Tip : Incorporating fermented foods into your diet is a no-brainer. They help keep your gut healthy, which, in turn, can alter your mood and may even stop the onset of neurodegenerative diseases.

It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

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