How Do Our Emotions Affect Our Eating Habits?

I have discovered that my previous regular snacking lifestyle was, to a large
extent, driven by my emotions. Sometimes, the strongest food cravings hit when you’re at your weakest point emotionally – when facing difficulties, feeling stressed or even bored. Hence, like the old me, you may turn to food for comfort, consciously or unconsciously.

The first time I realised I was emotional eating was when my father passed away. It was his last day of the last rites ritual, all my relatives were at home, I was overwhelmed with Emotions and was handling all the work so couldn’t let emotions take over me. I simply drove to a nearby icecream parlour, I wasn’t hungry but ate a massive tub of chocolate icecream alone.

You may not be aware of it, but it’s important to watch your patterns of behavior when you are experiencing a roller coaster of feelings. Expressions such as “I wish I could have a chocolate”, “I feel like having a glass of wine” or “I could finish a tub of ice cream” could simply indicate that the driving force for those cravings is basically caused by that emotion which you are trying to suppress as opposed to the physical hunger. This kind of eating is called EMOTIONAL EATING.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to soothe an inner wound, except when it is taken too far. That compulsion to soothe oneself could end up messing with your life
path in ways you would not have wanted. Food has a tremendously powerful
impact on our lives and, as such, it can be used to nourish, strengthen and heal.
However, it can also be used to soothe and numb to an excessive degree.

Emotional Eating
Bored Eating habits

The pleasure of food can work as a powerful soother as much as any drug and that can lead to overeating, obesity and other health problems.

  • Obesity often comes with its own additional self-negativity. It is not hard to be afflicted by an emotional eating disorder because almost everyone knows that food is something that’s easy to get and, somehow, people think that comfort eating will not do harm to their bodies – after all, we all need food to live.

Depression, guilt, anxiety, chronic frustration and stress are some of the things that one could experience when one is in the throes of emotional eating. One may also be afflicted with diseases or ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, menstrual and digestive problems. The hassles of daily life can trigger negative emotions that lead to emotional eating.

Emotions Affect Our Eating Habits

Worst part of emotional eating :

Instead of focusing on problem, emotional eating helps in running away from it ..

But always remember, running away is a temporarily solution.

Some of the Emotional Eating Triggers are:

  • The loss of a loved one
  • Family conflicts
  • Relationship challenges
  • Stress at work and home
  • Fatigue
  • Money issues
  • Deteriorating health
  • Anxiety
  • Boredom
  • School pressure
  • Peer pressure
  • Living in past
Emotional Eating

Although some people eat less in the face of strong emotions, if you’re in emotional distress you might turn to impulsive or binge eating, quickly consuming whatever is convenient, sometimes even if it is without enjoyment.

Reason behind weight gain in pandemic

People might find the act of eating useful in easing the discomfort. In fact, our emotions can become so tied to our eating habits that we automatically reach for a treat whenever we’re angry, bored or stressed without thinking about what we’re doing. Comfort Food serve as a distraction.

It is easy to focus on eating comfort food
instead of dealing with the stressful situation.

The emotions usually return, and you likely then bear the additional burden of guilt about setting back your physical and emotional health. This approach normally results in an unhealthy cycle, thus your emotions will make you overeat.

So the next time you reach out to food without being hungry, try and find the main cause of your emotions. Instead of running away from how you feel, accept your feelings.

Emotions don’t make you week, it makes you human

Don’t let this society/people manipulate your mind, feelings and emotions


Control how you think about yourself


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