How to cultivate passion !!!

I often used to wonder, that I don’t have talent like OTHERS. I was a jack of all trades but master of none. Over the years I have learned that I was being unfair towards myself when I compared myself with others. I understood that passion is not something I can discover like a hidden treasure however I can definitely cultivate it. Here, I am today trying and learning new skills, practicing them and finding my niche.

Passion is not to be discovered but is to be cultivated by the little things that interest you. My mother is an extremely talented singer and so is my brother. My sister writes beautiful poetry. On the other hand I was I had no interest in music, or poetry, painting, dancing and other talents.

Cultivating your passion is like growing a garden it isn’t a plant-it-and-forget-it thing – it’s a process of learning and unlearning. Once that is done it lasts for a lifetime. You don’t have to wait for an “a-ha” moment to rock your world – you can start developing your passion from the place where you are today.

Explore different areas until you find one that you are interested in. Then explore it more. Ask yourself questions about what you have learned.

7 Ways To Cultivate Your Passion

  1. Interest – Your interest will help you develop your passion. Ask yourself questions. For example : If you like reading you may develop passion towards writing or proof reading. If you like fashion and lifestyle you may find yourself investing time in fashion hacks and Styling.
  2. Trail and Error – Cultivation of your passion is trail and error process. You may find some failure. You may have variety of interest and that okay. Pick up interest the you are skilled at and learn more about it. Take a online course. Be open to trail and error as you may find yourself either more interested in it or disinterested in it.
  3. Pay attention – Your experience triggers often your interest. Pay attention to what motivates and inspires you. Notice how you react to various segments like writing, reading, public speaking, acting, or you may like taking command of social work, you like parties and like to host them. Also pay attention to how you react to stories on TV, on the web, or in person.
  4. Seek Advice – Ask friends or family members what they observe about you – do they see that you have a special talent, or that something really seems to ignite your inner spark? Or seek help of a Counselor or Coach that may talk to you and guide you to ask right questions to yourself.
  5. Sharpen your skills – If you have narrowed down to your interest. Now is the time to engage in life-long learning activities, really work to enhance your skills. As you continue to hone your skills, you’ll develop a deeper sense of commitment to your passion.
  6. Expand your horizons – Often, we think of many subjects as being “closed” with no room for interest. Try new things, you may find yourself investing your time in something’s that you never thought you might be interested in.
  7. Think out side the Box – Find new ways to accomplish your goals. You don’t have to follow the same path everyone has taken. Some of the greatest inventions came from passionate people who thought outside of the box. Think outside of your box – expand your mind to see if there is something in your field that can be challenged or made better in some way.

Passion isn’t always enjoyable but it’s challenging – It’s a myth that you don’t get tired doing something that you love. We all get tired but you still want to get up every day and work towards your goals.

Passion doesn’t always require talent. It requires willingness to explore and than the skill is developed. True skills and talents are developed with time and effort. Even the best of actors join acting workshops to polish and learn their skills.
Knowledge base helps you to develop that talent
It requires commitment towards your goals and dreams

I finally found that there are lots of small things that interest me like Health physical and mental, fashion styling and writing. Like I said a person may have variety of interest and that’s okay as long as you find yourself challenging your own Limits.


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