How to ensure your weight loss by eliminating a few unhealthy habits

Weight loss should not be your ultimate goal. Your goal should be to attain fitness by living healthy and longer life. Weight loss is a bonus you get in interim.

Yesterday night my brother made an announcement. To quote his word ” Beginning today I will not eat sugar or drink soft drinks” so that I can lose 8 kg weight. Let me tell you he is 6’2 ft tall around 74 kgs. According to me he is in his best shape and loosing weight will bring him in underweight category, that’s definitely is unhealthy. I recommended him it was good to cut down on soft drinks and sugar however it should be for his fitness and not to lose weight.

My point is not to be blindsided by the word weight loss. Trust me once you adapt a Healthy lifestyle, you will gradually and organically be fit.

Let’s eliminate 3 unhealthy habits to ensure your fitness path is on right track


Ugly Truth About soft drinks is it is loaded with sugar and has no nutritional content. the picture above proves that it’s pure sugar. Large amounts of sugar turns into fat in your liver which is harmful for our liver and heart. According to healthline sugar-sweetened beverages may be the leading dietary cause of type 2 diabetes. Instead we can always replace it by a homemade jaljeera or any other low sugar homemade drink. A recent study, which looked at sugar consumption and diabetes in 175 countries, showed that for every 150 calories of sugar per day about 1 can of soda the risk of type 2 diabetes increased by 1.1% (28Trusted sources)


We have been told since childhood to chew our food properly, still we give this so much less importance than we should. Chewing the food properly ensures even digestion. Saliva contains enzymes that helps to break down food chemically. In return stomach doesn’t have to work harder saves as a lot of digestion and kind gastric issues. Let’s enjoy every bite of the meal. This is the least we can do to ensure your stomach gets some ease.


I have experienced this first hand poor digestion is one of the major reasons behind our weight gain. Poor digestion is caused by several factors like longer gaps between meal, not drinking enough water, no physical activities, overeating, not taking proper sleep and the list goes on. Let’s be aware of what are our food habits that’s causing poor digestion. Reaching to an antacid or a laxative is not a solution. Lets eliminate the root cause of poor digestion gradually.

Lets start treating our body like a temple. To live a healthy and happy life let’s start taking care of ourselves.

“Healthy does NOT mean starving yourself EVER. Healthy means eating the right food in the right amount”. – Karen Salmansohn

– Apurva

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