How to improve digestive system

Prevent Overeating

Overeating can be defined as eating more than the body’s ability to digest at that point of time. It doesn’t simply mean eating the wrong foods, or eating too much. If the stomach lacks the fire or the power to digest at a particular time, then even a slice of an apple will amount to overeating. So overeating doesn’t just mean eating a large quantity of food, it means eating that food at the wrong time.

According to ayurveda, overeating is the cause of all diseases and digestive issues.

Let me tell you a recent incident of how we often cross the overeating threshold without realising.

Last week I had a friend over for Lunch and we had a simple, home-cooked meal of dal, paneer sabzi and roti. My friend had finished her meal, but I wanted another half piece of chapati. My mother served the remaining half to my friend so that the other half doesn’t go to waste.

My friend didn’t want to eat anymore but she ate that extra half without thinking and just like that, she crossed her overeating threshold. Often, we ask for that extra helping of our favourite dal or chicken curry although we know internally that we’ve finished our meal. And every time we do this, we’ve crossed our deadline.

Women often gain or lose weight when they get married. It’s because eating with someone else leads us to adjust to our partners food habits, although most brides are quite unaware of this change because they’re still eating less than their husbands.

Our basic problem today is that our digestive capacity is diminishing and our consumption is increasing.

The overeating threshold is a very thin line. That gap between eating the right amount and overeating is crossed by just one mouthful, bite or spoonful. Your senses go numb and you can eat up to 5 to 6 times your stomach’s capacity Obviously you know the inevitable consequence of this: you wake up dull, tired, bloated, and irritable the next morning. Sorry, forgot to mention this, but it’s also a foolproof way of gaining body fat.

Quick Tip:

Don’t store sweets or fried food (chip/ nachos)at home. Even if it’s gift at a festival, after enjoying 1 or 2 pieces of sweets give these away to friends, family or your house help.

Don’t always dump your excesses on one person. Choose different people for charity. Just get those things out of your sight and reach. There are plenty who sleep empty stomach.

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– Apurva

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