How to increase nutrients in our EVERYDAY LIFE

Vitamins, Minerals, Carbohydrates, Fat, Protein and Water are the six major nutrients. Our body needs them to function to its optimum level. In the last blog we understood how to start the day now let’s try and do the same throughout the day. Eating simple and home cooked means that you are giving your body all the required nutrients on a daily basis.

One thing I will thank my mom the most in this lifetime is she taught us to eat freshly prepared food and now it’s in our DNA. When I say our it’s to everyone at home, she makes it a point to give away the leftovers to the much needy ones. Though m thankful to mom more than I can express for a everything. I remember when I was in hostel, I used to miss her freshly cooked lunch the most and the aroma that filled our hearts and home.

Let’s try and inculcate 4 ways to increase nutritional value of our food.

1.Prepare fresh food: Eat freshly prepared food and try and consume it with a few hours of cooking it. Do not deep freeze the food (even tomato puree), I have seen it in a lot of households. We kill some of the nutrients of the food items when we deep freeze them, do not do injustice to the food you eat. I understand for most of the working professional its impossible to prepare freshly cooked lunch. Let’s at least try to make it a habit to prepare fresh meals for breakfast and dinner.

2. Find heathy alternatives: Understand what you are eating and why. Whether you are eating junk food or home cooked food always ask why you are eating it and what good it will do to your body. It’s a phycological fact that the craving of Junk food goes away in 20 mins. So, If you want to eat pizza try eating a baked paneer paratha or when you crave to eat something sweet try and pick a fruit. its more nutritious. Always go by 80-20 rule, Eat 80% for your health and 20% for the taste of your tongue. Whenever I have those late-night cravings, I reach out to my stock of dry fruits they are nutritious and healthy. Raisins, Almonds or Walnuts all of these are filled with vitamins and minerals.

3. Loyal to your genes: Be loyal to your genes and eat what you have been eating since childhood it suits your gut the most. If you are from South India and have been eating rice or idli throughout your life your body is used to digesting and assimilating a certain type of food family. Same goes for people from Bengal their staple is rice and fish, their body is accustomed to digesting it. No wonder people from Punjab can digest legumes (chole-rajma) better than rest.

4. Eat seasonal : Eat seasonal food as much as possible. In this age and time almost all the food is available 365 days in a year. Still if you eat carrots in summers it looks and taste different right! That’s because they can’t be grown without technology. Research has proved that the same food has different nutritional values depending on climate and humidity. Also, off seasoned veggies and fruits are usually stored in cold storage and the extreme temperature destroys most of it taste and values

There are three things in life that leave and never return; words, time and opportunities. Therefore, value who values you and don’t treat as a priority whoever treats you as an option.


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