How to look good in every picture – Part 2?

Photographs are important because they show who we are, allow us to freely express ourselves, and assist us in capturing irreplaceable memories. We all want to look beautiful when the shutter clicks. Yet, rarely is your true beauty captured by a front-facing camera. It will show you some perfect tricks to make you look good in front of the camera.

Perfect Light

How to look good in every picture?
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An outside shot should be done early in the morning or late in the day. At that moment, the light is more flattering. Stand in the shade if it’s sunny outside. Use a reflective object to reflect light back into your subject’s face. 

Shine Free

Make sure to clean your T-zone—the bridge of your nose and the top of your head—with oil blotting paper or wet tissue. I truly use make-up to conceal the “bad” and emphasize the “good.” Contouring and emphasizing your face will make you seem more attractive.

For example, you want your nose to look smaller so contour it in the light of your face

Perfect Angle

Look in the mirror to see which side appears best, or try to take practice photographs before the real thing; that’s one of the advantages of having a camera phone.

Excess Chin

We all want to hide our double chins, and the good news is that all you have to do is tilt your head up slightly and position yourself so that the camera is just above your eye level.

How to look good in every picture?
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You may also use your hand under your chin, but don’t rest your weight on it too much or you’ll end up in an unpleasant posture. There’s also a trick: pressing your tongue on the roof of your mouth, which is a little tough. However hard it is, do it.

Ideal Clothes

Wear clothing that flatters your figure and complements your skin tone and hair color. Wearing outrageous patterns or horizontal stripes draws too much attention away from your face, so try not to overdo it. Try wearing basic, comfortable clothing that reflects your individuality and boosts your self-confidence.

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That Stance

How to look good in every picture?
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Slouching will make you seem dumpy and short in front of the camera, whereas good posture will enhance your looks. Simply place one foot in front of the other and lean back a little, breathing normally and relaxing your shoulders, then repeat in front of the mirror. To produce a thinner appearance, stand with one leg in the rear and the other leg in front, then turn your body at an angle of about 3/4.

Most people believe that a camera adds 10 pounds to their weight. While this may be true, there are tricks and ways to avoid gaining those additional pounds. If you press your arms to the side, your arms will become massive. Always leave enough room between your arms and your torso.

How to look good in every picture?
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Last but not least, grin with your eyes, since they are the most valuable aspect of the human body. You may communicate with the camera just by using your eyes. Try some lighthearted expressions that draw attention to your eyes, since they may radiate enjoyment and natural beauty.

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