How to master “self-talk”? Why is it important!

Not all the days are bright and happy. We all have gloomy days. Days where we just want to stop pretending that everything is okay or everything will be okay. Days where we are just stuck to our past, or a person from past or how our life was in past and worse how amazing our past was.

Whenever you find yourself struggling with your past, dark thoughts, or are just on edge, you need to talk yourself out of it. Self talk could be tricky you can either make yourself snap out of your thoughts or you can make matters worse. Self talk depends on how to perceive yourself. You need stop being so hard on yourself, start accepting and loving yourself.

Problem with negetive thoughts and negetive self talk

Negative thoughts and thinking patterns can quickly turn into self-fulfilling prophecies, self sabotaging, leading to a downward spiral of negativity, apathy, and even depression. Anxiety, depression and other mental health problems can often cause or worsen negative thinking, making it even more difficult to break the cycle. Hence, it’s important to break the vicious cycle of negetive self talk.

Positive Self - Talk

4 Phases to master “Self – Talk”

  • Step 1 – Become aware of your thoughts, self-talk and mindset. Eliminate Internal Negative Chatter.
  • Step 2 – Notice patterns, self – sabotaging, limiting beliefs and the inner critic.
  • Step 3 – Take action and replace any negetive thoughts, trigger, patterns to Positive Affirmations, positive beliefs Positive Scripts 
  • Step 4 – Take action: To “CONTROL” your negetive thoughts, master your mind and self-talk!

Understand this, “growth is constant”. You grow, even When You’re Not Thinking About It. You will still become who you are meant to be and this is also true: What if you don’t always have to worry about becoming more of who you are? What if who you are right now is more than enough and it’s just a matter of slowing down and realizing your worth?

How to  Self - Talk

Forward movement is a beautiful thing. Many of us are desperate for a beautiful future and there is nothing wrong with that. And this is also true: there is nothing wrong with slowness. All around you in nature, a billion different things move at a slow pace, just as they are supposed to. No flower is rushing to be somewhere else. No wave is pushing its way to the shore before its time. Even when the rain pours down quickly, it took time for that level of force to build up.

Always remember, Wherever you are right now, is enough. Whatever growth looks like right here is good, and it matters. I hope your heart continues to crave change, healing, and transformation and I also hope you remember the soil beneath your feet. The sun shining above you. The wind blowing around you. This is change, too. This is meaningful, too. You don’t have to be a better version of yourself before you grow. Right here, you’re enough.

Self-doubt vs self - love

When things go wrong, here are a few things you can do to get back up again:

  • Know that failure happens, and it’s okay. Perfection is a parameter to succes and is different to everyone.
  • When you understand that bad days are a given, you can better prepare for them.
  • Always Choose self – compassion over self – judgment.
  • Forgive yourself, over and over again. Tomorrow is always a new day. Be gentle with yourself.
  • Keep a journal to remind yourself of your progress.
  • Write down everything you’re doing right, so it can outshine the wrong.
  • Embrace Consistency
  • Your life consistent practice, and your own endless support.
  • Stop expecting from others and start full filling your own expectations
How to do self talk

You’re like the moon. You always show up. Sometimes your light may dim–– cloudy days are inevitable, even cloudy seasons–– but nonetheless, you’re always there. Adapt the seasons of your life and make it your second nature.


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