How to Overcome/Eliminate Your Fear or Your anxiety about certain things?

On some Levels we are anxious how our life will be after this pandemic. I have realised and accepted that it might never be the same. In just two years the foundation of how we perceive “life” has changed. I glad we all survived cause of corona was not able to do the damage the isolation did.

What is Fear and Anxiety?

Fear is a feeling or an emotion. When a we has fear, we are afraid or scared. A person who fears something does not want it to happen. Fear is the mind’s way of protecting itself from doing things that may be dangerous.

According to Mayo clinic, Anxiety can be normal in stressful situations such as public speaking or taking a test. Anxiety is only an indicator of underlying disease when feelings become excessive, all-consuming, and interfere with daily living.

Life is never about “my way or Highway” like the famous songs lyrics. Life is a lot more than living in the moment. Life is about keeping yourself sane even in the most insane times, finding yourself, creating yourself, failures, disappointments, inspite of all the hurdles life is about recreating yourself just like the phoenix bird. The Beauty of life is we make the best of what comes your way.

Over the years I found ways to handle stress, emotions and anxiety. It has always worked for me. Here’s is the secret

  1. Accept your emotions/feelings : It’s okay to feel what you are going through, your feelings are valid. Accepting your emotions simply means being aware of your emotions and accepting them for what they are right now, knowing that they won’t last.
  2. Have A Confidant : You must learn to trust and confide about your feelings. If you don’t have a friend/family as your confidant, write down how you feel. I used to write mails to myself. If you are not able to do it to a human, talk to you pet. It works the same way, once your feelings are out you will not only feel better but will also get clear picture of your situation.
  3. Stop Overthinking / Over-analysing: Sometimes it’s better to let go of the situation for that day. Sleep over it and come back to it the next day. At times we blow things out of proportion by going over them time and again in your mind.
  4. Forgive yourself and others : Make a list of all the positive things about yourself and your life. It might be hard to think of these things in the moment, especially when you are going through this emotional process. But still make it a habit to write down your strengths and positive things other people have said about you. Write down the name of the person who hurt you and then write “I forgive you”.
  5. Daily Reminder: Every day write down one thing you felt good about, something you did for someone, or something someone did for you. Come back to this when you feel blue.

The way you feel will not vanish by its own, you need to make efforts to come out of that feeling. Try different ways and soon you will realise what works for you and stick to the way that works the best for you.


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