How to recognise a Toxic behaviour? Signs of a Toxic Person

We all can be toxic from time to time without even realising it. For example, when you go out with someone and pin point their clothes Or when you say you partner, “Is this you are wearing”! you are bruising their confidence without even intending it. This is just a small example of being toxic to another person and all we need to do is be a little mindful of our words and actions.

Many times, people are dealing with their own stresses and traumas. They may act in ways that don’t present them in the best light and usually upset others along the way. However, your words and the tone of your voice are the most powerful weapon. When you use it in the right manner it can make someone day. However, when you use it without being mindful you can bruise someone deep.

Below are some examples of being toxic intentionally or unintentionally. If you are guilty of any of below mentioned actions, please change it immediately.

• Toxic people will always try to drag you down and especially when you are beginning to thrive.

• Toxic people will always remind you of your past mistakes to keep you down.

• Toxic people will call you when they need you and bail on you when you need them.

• Toxic people think they are empathic and use this concept to justify why they abuse you which will confuse you.

• They’ll regularly put you in a position where you have to choose between them and something else – and you’ll always feel obliged to choose them. For example, ‘If you really cared about me you’d skip your exercise class / friends catch up and spend time with me.’ The problem with this is that enough will never be enough. Few things are fatal – unless it’s life or death, chances are it can wait.

• Toxic people are self-righteous, boastful, and need others who are less grandiose by their side to feel better about themselves.

• Toxic people tend to think they know better than others and that the world should run according to their ideas, which leaves no room for other’s realities.

Always remember, If someone uses your care, love or good will against you in order to gain themselves, that person does not have your best interests at heart and might do you more damage in the long run than you think.

Also understand, that no one is perfect. No one is you, don’t expect people to be like you. The beauty of this life is we are different, otherwise there will be no fun.


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