How to reduce the risk of Diabetes and Blood pressure.

How to prevent the risk of Diabetes and Blood pressure.

Worldwide, we are looking at approximately 360 million people with diabetes. There is no question that we are in midst in the middle of diabetes epidemic. Right now, one in three Medicare dollars is spend in the people of diabetes. There is no question this is a major problem.

My name is Apurva, like so many of us I have a family history of diabetes and blood pressure. My mom has high blood pressure and my dad got infected with corona and his health condition only worsen due to diabetes and high blood pressure. I used weigh around 130kgs and used to fall under Obese. And then I read it somewhere “Obesity significantly increases your risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, and these conditions are also intimately intertwined with heart disease.” For instance, an obese person’s risk of a heart attack is 3 times greater than that of a person who has a healthy weight.

This became one of the major motivation factors for me to get fit and lose weight was to make sure I don’t get the same genetic disease we have in our family tree. Hence to keep fit and stay disease free I exercise / run regularly, I don’t smoke, don’t drink, get enough sleep, remain stress free and still there is no guarantee I can’t get diabetes or blood pressure. Our goal should be to build our immunity to fight with the diseases.

My point is with the kind of food we eat and life choices we make, we can still reduce the risk factors of these epidemic diseases. Let’s try and adapt these SUPERFOOD in our diet to boost our Health and Immunity.

Benefits (Understanding the WHY)

These foods are not just good on losing your weight, but it can be crucial in your overall health. These foods help manager blood sugar and can be the solution for early stage high blood sugar problems. These kinds of food should be included for diabetic patient to support diabetic treatments.

6 Superfoods that are beneficial for diabetes and blood pressure

1.Almonds: Almonds are rich in vitamin A, magnesium, a nutrient that improves insulin sensitivity and potassium. Research has shown that almonds may reduce the rise in blood sugar levels and insulin level.

2. Cinnamon: Cinnamon has a compound called hydroxychalcone, which may lower cholesterol and help stabilize your blood sugar levels. A few researches show by adding a half a teaspoon of cinnamon every day in your meals can improve fasting blood sugar and ward off insulin spikes.

3.Garlic: It has been known to help high cholesterol level. Its not only good for our heart, researchers found that garlic has hundreds of chemical compounds, many of which can be solution to help control blood sugar level. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and anti- fungal food. It helps regulate high blood pressure.

4.Beans: Beans are a great source of protein and fiber. It has about 19 grams of fiber per cup. It’s a well-known fact, fiber helps protect against heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. They are low on glycemic index score and provide significant soluble fiber resulting that they may help lower blood sugar levels.

5.Leafy greens: According to AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION Leafy greens like spinach has great properties. It is a great source of fiber, rich in b vitamins, iron, calcium and vitamin C.

6.Flax seeds: Flaxseeds are an incredibly healthy food. Also known as common flax or linseeds, flaxseeds have a high content of heart-healthy omega-3 fats, fiber, and other unique plant compounds. A portion of their insoluble fiber is made up of lignans, which may help decrease heart disease risk and improve blood sugar management. Flaxseeds may also help lower blood pressure.

“You can live your dreams if you can embrace change. It’s by taking chances that you’ll learn how to be brave.”
– Charles Darwin


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  1. This was very helpful! I believe a lot of things people get diagnosed with can be turned around with diet. I’m at a standstill with my weight, but lost 41 pounds last year. Always looking for new things to move the scale. Blessings.

    • So true. Scale is just a number it can never be a reflection of our health. Trust me I have stopped weighing myself and it’s been an year. I feel in m mentally at peace. I measure my Health through various different factors


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