How to start your day Filled with Nutrition

Lately, I have noticed people are crazy about losing weight. Quick weight loss is not worth the long-term trouble it will bring along. Quick results, usually used for quick weight loss, mostly do lead to several health issues.

Let’s be more specific in our Goals. Understand WHY losing weight is good for your health. According to latest nutrition science about 25%-30% of obese people is health, they are just metabolically healthy obese. This means they have low risk towards heart disease, cancer and their liver fat and lipid profile is under control. Just because society has set some common standards about how you should look, the most common advice people give to each other is to lose weight. People than turns towards quick results, i.e., WEIGHT LOSS. Most of the fad diets creates issues in our body that are many a times irreversible.

Here is what happened yesterday: I got a phone call from my aunt. She was worried about her weight. Though I haven’t seen her in years still according to the pictures and videos call she looks radiant. Now let me give you a little background about her. She is in her early 50’s, weighs around 67 kgs and we are a family of tall people.

4:30 AM – Tea and Handful of biscuits.
5:00 AM – Meditation
7:30 – Breakfast
And so on…

I tried to explain her to start her day filled nutritious food like almonds or fruits. Having tea first thing in the morning can be risky to health for various reasons: –

Tea contains a chemical known as theophylline which can have a dehydrating effect on stool resulting in constipation.

Tea contains traces of nicotine (like cigarettes), which might be the reason why you feel addicted to it.

Rather kick start your day with the following:

Banana or Any other fruit – Anyone who has digestion issues or sugar cravings, fruit is an excellent alternative for them. Banana is rich in potassium which helps regulate blood sugar level. Fruits are filled with minerals and vitamins that are excellent as the first meal of the day.

Soaked Almonds – Start your day with 4-6 soaked almonds. It’s usually advised to soak dry fruits so that the soaking process can unlock the nutrients from it and allow the phytic acid levels. Almonds are known to rich source of vitamin A and potassium which helps improve insulin sensitivity.

Raisins Raisins is known to reduce acidity, constipation and bloating. It also helps reduce sweet craving later in the day.


A. Have a glass of water (Luke or Plain) and then have this meal.

B. Its okay to have tea or coffee 10-15 mins after this meal.

3. You can work out, run, do yoga 20 mins after this meal.

“Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and best at the end.” ― Robin S. Sharma


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