HOW TO Take A DECISIONS ? TRY These Tested Methods.

Ever wondered why some people can easily take a decision!!!

Taking decision is an art, trust me in today’s world that is filled with zillions of options you need pick the right one.

Make your most important decisions in the morning, before you experience “ego depletion”. Try to have a clear head and an untangle thought process.

Let’s understand a few important steps that leads you to Decision Making :


80% of the decision are easy to make however we complicate them by thinking about too many options. We want more choices, but choose better with fewer options, our brain just cannot process too many options.

Hence, sit down and make a list of pros and cons of the Decision in hand. Now write down the worst case scenario and risks involved if you take that decision. If you are willing to take that risk it falls under 20% risk catagory; you are okay to take that decision. According to a company survey, people are usually inclined to take a decision which has minimum risk vs No/Higher risks.


Take out a sheet of paper and write down what you do on a daily basis. Next, circle the tasks that produce the best results for your job. Finally, if you have a boss, ask him or her about what is most important. Do this for your personal life as well.

Whenever you’re faced with a new potential project or task, ask a simple question: “Does this task help or hurt my 80% activities?” Your gut feelings are usually accurate and correct. If you truly feel there’s something, chances are there is.


Your project list shouldn’t be filled with items that don’t matter. If an activity isn’t bringing satisfaction or a measurable result, then you should get rid of it. Either pass it along to someone else (delegate) or completely eliminate it.


Remember, your time not a luxury we have. Our time is limited. If you feel like new project is important enough to work on, then it should take the place of a low-value activity.


When you know a project isn’t an 80% activity, then it’s perfectly fine to put it down on a “someday” list. You’ll delay this action with the understanding that you’ll only do it if it becomes more important later on in your life.

Like anxiety, distractions are a reality in our lives. We live in a time where even the smallest of distraction can make decision making extremely difficult.

Quick Tip To Decision Making

  • Make a list of all the available options
  • Vary the pros and cons
  • Narrow Down To The Best 3 Suitable Options
  • Imagine The Outcome
  • Do Your Research
  • Now Narrow Down The List Again
  • Set A Deadline And Take A Leap Of Faith


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