I did not just lose weight…

I did not just lose weight, I lost the urge to be accepted by the community :

I remember judging my appearance with the “MEDIA SET BEAUTY STANDARD”. I remember how I used to hate myself with the way I looked. No matter how hard I worked, I never looked the way people looked in Movies, TV or Social Media. I was naive to compare myself with others. In my weight loss journey, I gained the perspective towards Beauty and Health. I am tall, I have broad shoulders and loads of lose skin. I lost almost 110 lbs as a result I have loose skin and stretch marks every where. Surprisingly, I still love myself.

I lost my mindset to be like others and celebrate who I am:

In this weight loss journey, I found what I liked and disliked. I found a fitness and wellness path that works the best for me. I understood that my body is different than others, each and every cell in my body is different hence following a set path that worked for someone else may not work for me. I can’t eat a lot of food items like avocado ( btw I am aware of its health benefits) and its okay to not to eat 100% of everything that is Healthy.

I did not just lose weight, I lost my unhealthy habits of emotional eating:

I remember hogging onto icecream every time I felt blue. After every intense fight, I used to reach out to my favourite muffin or chocolate. Instead of dealing with emotions, I was eating or drinking them away, which btw is done by 75-85% of humans. Women reach out to their comfort food and men to their comfort drink or vice-versa. Every time I feel blue, I introspect the reason behind that emotion and remind my self that “Change is the only constant thing is this universe”. I will not always feel blue. I choose a path of gratitude.

I gained the knowledge to differentiate between food and emotions.

I did not just lose weight, I lost all the emotion that wasn’t helping me grow:

I remember, when I was obese I used to blame all my failures to my weight. Wheather it was a set back in office, or a family fight I was sure that things were not going my way cause I don’t look like everyone else. I was filled with inferiority complex. I lacked love, empathy, kindness and understanding towards myself. I was in an unhealthy state of mind. Until one day I thought of reading a book called Magic. Slowly, I started reading about Health, Body and Nutrition. The more I read, the more curious I became and I understood a simple fact, “Health is key to a healthy mind, Beautiful life and Wellness”.

I lost my laziness and careless attitute towards the Home I live in; My Body

Understanding the magic behind exercise (every form of physical activity) was pathbreaking for me. Exercise releases a happy hormone called endorphins. It uplifts our mood. Exercise helps us not only lose weight but build stamina to perform our daily lives Activities with complete ease. Exercising regularly lowers our risk of developing diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Exercise also can help keep your body at a healthy weight.

This journey was of finding myself. Working towards myself has never let me down. I surprise my self everyday. Everyday, I feel like a New Me.

I still can’t believe I have changed so much or I must say I have grown so much.


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