Is it important to lose weight to be healthy!!!

Is it important to lose weight to be healthy!!!

Today, is the day one of the next 30-day journey. Next 30 days will help you to train your mind for any new change you want to bring in your life. Do keep me posted as to how you feel and what struggles you face. I will cover that in my upcoming blogs.

So, lets understand if being thin is same as being healthy. If this was true, the size zero model would not be considered unhealthy. The truth is these marketing tactics we have around us, leaves us misinformed. I know and acknowledge that being overweight has a lot of health hazards but even being thin is not necessarily healthy.

Always remember…

Being healthy is the goal, weight loss happens in the interim.

In next 30 days I will share my daily routine to attain a healthy lifestyle and how to achieve the weight loss in due course.

Let’s TRAIN our MIND

My trainer once told me to achieve any thing in life your need to train your mind. Your mind is the key player in this game called “LIFE”. To achieve something, you need to make some substantial changes, and if you don’t train your mind it will pull you back to the same pattern you were following till now. Since that is the comfort zone of your mind. Prepare your mind, imagine you have achieved your desired weight goal. Commit yourself that no matter what I will follow this new change for at least 21 days.

Consistency is the KEY

I was trying to lose weight and attain a desired result since a decade. In first two years I did get some results but as soon as I lost a few pounds I used to treat my self with my favorite fast food. As a result, I couldn’t maintain that weight loss I achieved. Now after years of dedication and experience learned that I was playing with extremes either I was on extreme diet or was treating my self with all the junk food. There was no consistency. The truth is to get consistent results I need to be consistent

Some people are willing to pay the price and it’s the same with staying healthy or eating healthy. There’s some discipline involved. There are some sacrifices. – Mike Ditka

– Apurva

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