Leave your gadgets and enjoy your food

I know a lot of you would not like what I’m going to say specially the ones I know. Since I’ve seen this habit in a lot of youth of today.  Let me ask one simple question ⁉️

Do you dislike your food so much that you need a distraction while eating it?

Last month, an old friend came for dinner. My mom prepared his favorite dish. After finishing one chapati he said he was full. We thought he didn’t like the food we prepared, being a good host, we asked if he wanted to eat something else and his reply instantly made me realize the reasoning behind. He said aunty I am not in habit of eating everything in one time. He believes in portion control and eats in every two hours as it makes it easy for his stomach to digest.

Is it possible to shrink our stomach?

Yes, it is. However, for that just like my friend you must relearn your eating habits.

We all know the size of our heart, its equivalent to our fist size. But do you know the size of our stomach?

The size of our stomach is equivalent to our 2 palms. When we eat with distraction, i.e. watching tv or fiddling through our phones we eat beyond our capacity. By constantly eating with distraction, we tend to overeat resulting we starch our stomach and feed it more than it can take.

I know its not that simple, to begin with make small changes. Try and eat with all your senses. Cherish the flavors with not only your tongue but also your eyes and how its nourishing you within. I like to eat at least one meal in complete isolation. Trust me, all those people who has bloating and digestion issues should try this. Leave your precious gadgets aside, enjoy your food. Your work so hard but earn this bread and butter, you might as well enjoy it.

Quick Tip

  • The secret to eating right is to focus while you eat: put your gadgets away.
  • Do potion control, serve yourself a little less than what you usually eat.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”  – Tony Robbins


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