I was cleaning by inbox ( E-mail) today and I found a few emails that I wrote to myself few years back. I developed this habit 7-8 years back to write myself emails. So, whenever I really like something or I feel sensitive or I want to talk to someone with out being judged, I email myself.

I struggled with weight and health issues in my past. It impacted my mental health a lot. Unfortunately in the world we live in, we are often judged by our OUTER BEAUTY instead of INNER BEAUTY. And the same happened to me as well

My question is WHY??

WHY would you judge someone’s ability based on their looks?

Do you even know how much people suffer emotionally and mentally just because they don’t look the way society or the community want them to. Your judgement adds more stress. I know this cause, I have been through the same in my past. The email I wrote to myself is as below.

A part of that email

After reading this email I realised I have come a long way. And I have worked on my emotions, mental and physical health.

No-one is perfect, so do not judge yourself or others. All we have to do is self-analyse ourselves to be a better version of ourselves. Work on your mental and physical health. It will take consistent efforts, balance and steering. Its like learning how to ride a bike, we only get better with practice and experience.

Time is ever-changing, so I thought to leave my old self a note today (just in case I might need it) and to anyone who is going through what I have been through.

A Wise Note To My Older Self

  1. If you want to live your life free from DISAPPOINTMENTS , you must learn to live a life FREE OF EXPECTATIONS.
  2. In life find CLARITY OF CHOICE whenever you are confused.
  3. If you ever fall don’t be afraid to REBUILD YOURSELF.
  4. BE SENSITIVE to the state of others in your decision making.
  5. Learning is a lifelong pursuit. LEARN SOMETHING NEW every year to challenging ourselves and improve our lives.
  6. Do not run after the number on weighing scale. Run after being FIT.
  7. LIFE is not ONE SIZE FITS ALL. What may have worked for others may not work for you and vice versa. So do not compare your life with others.
  8. Always remember your necessities may be someone’s luxury. BE GRATEFUL of what you have.

Even though I have evolved since than. I still see a lot of people around me doing the same mistakes. We are so engrossed in achieving the parameters of society that we forget to LIVE OUR LIFE. Let me tell you one of the most important lesson I learnt so far “Do not waste your present for the future that is unseen and the past you can’t change”

The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.

Brian Herbert


10 thoughts on “A LETTER TO MY FUTURE SELF”

  1. Keep spreading the message, some may not be strong enough to see the light at the end. Continue to be an advocate for those who need to learn to see โ€œthey are loved for who there areโ€โค๏ธ

    • Yes very much, it’s also a great way to measure personal growth. When I read my past email I realise how far have I come. How at times we take decisions based on emotions. You are write it is similar to maintaining journal or it’s like talking to yourself. And since you write well I am sure you will agree writing in itself is Therapeutic


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