Life lessons I learnt from Bhagwat Gītā

Gītā is the answer to all your questions.
 Bhagwat Gītā as a Hindu Holy book, however the truth is that Bhagwat Gītā is a solutions to all the life’s problem. Its practical and teaches us the art of living life. Let me share few Verses that helps us decision making.  These verses are 5000 years old yet equally practical for our time.

Bhagwat Gītā has 18 Chapter and 701 Verses. Each chapter teaches important lesson about life and its struggle. Out of those 18 chapters, I am writing today the top ten on my list for you today.

1. Always Keep A Balanced Mind: – If a person keeps his mind under control, then he can transform any impossible work in the world into possible.  For those who do not control the mind, it acts like an enemy. What this means is :-  It’s okay to to feel extreme emotions but don’t take decisions in extreme emotions. Decisions taken in extreme emotions are not right.

2. Make Your Faith Unwavering: – Any man is disrespected by his faith and becomes as he believes. You either have faith in something or you don’t. You can’t be in two minds about your faith.

3. Anger Is Your Biggest Enemy: – Anger causes confusion, confusion causes the intellect to be disturbed and when the reasoning power of the intellect is destroyed due to the disturbing destruction of the intellect, the downfall of man begins. 

4. Abandon doubt: – Happiness is neither in this world nor in the hereafter for the person who doubts. Self-doubt is probably the most powerful limiting force in your life. Once you eliminate doubts, you can define who you are and determine what you’re able to do.

5. Get up and move keep moving forward no matter what: – No matter how difficult your life is today, it can change if you work towards changing it instead of dwelling over it. Take the sword of self-knowledge and through it, cut off the doubts of your heart from ignorance, keep it disciplined, get up, get dressed and work towards a better life.

6. Death is the biggest truth in life, it cannot be denied: – Death for a person who is born is as sure as taking birth for someone who is dead.  Therefore, do not grieve what is unavoidable. 

Bhagwat Gita 2.27

7. Every single moment teaches something: – Every small and big thing that is happening in a person’s life teaches them a lesson. Nothing is a waste of time, every thing happens for a reason. You may not understand it at that time but if you look back in time you will realise every right or wrong things that happened with you was for a reason. It must have either taught you or made you who you are. It is said in the Bhagavad-gītā, “Whatever happened, happened for the good. Whatever is happening, is happening for the good. Whatever will happen, will also happen for the good”.

8. Practice will give you success: – Mind is disturbed and difficult to control, but it can also be controlled by practice. If you conquer your mind, you can conquer the world.

9. Live with respect: – People will always talk about your humiliation but do not let them dominate you. Humiliation is worse than death for a respected person. 

10. Believe in yourself: – Whatever you want to become or achieve in life, you must continuously think about the desired thing with confidence. 


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