Love eating out? 4 reasons why you should avoid eating out.

We all love eating out, trying different restaurants and dinery. Whenever there is a good news, we all go out to celebrate. However, have you ever thought to attain the taste you get at a restaurant what all goes in the preparation of that food.

Due to my work I have been traveling to different cities for last 10 days, as a result I have been eating out. In last ten days the outside food has impacted not only my health, my skin but also my weight.

In fact, this is the longest I have stayed away from my kitchen and I m missing the normal home cooked meal.

We all love eating out buy why can’t we eat it every day think about it…

The reason is that the food prepared at restaurants and dineries are not practical. It’s too oily to eat every day. Below are a few reasons why you should avoid eating out as much as possible.

1. Trans Fat: Trans fat is usually used by restaurants, They use trans fat for there meal prep. It is created by artificially converting unsaturated fat into saturated fat, hence it’s cheap. Trans-fat raises your bad cholesterol and is best to avoid them. Trans fat are responsible for increasing body fat, obesity, heart problem, blood pressure and the list goes on.

2. Spices: To make a dish tastewothy, restaurants and dineries adds a lot spice.
Extremely spicy food causes burning sensation in our stomach resulting in acidity. Spices and herbs are good for our body until a certain limit but overdoing it will develop gastric issues. Foods such as pizza, doughnuts, and fried food are not only fatty but also causes acid reflux.

3. Stale food: Every thing you eat outside is prepared well in advance to avoid delays for their customers. Now think about it, when you go out to eat something “NICE”. The only nice thing that is served is taste since it’s prepared well in advanced it’s nutritional value is ZERO. So in reality all you paid for, is going to add an inch or two on your waist line.

4. Physical stress: Whenever we eat out we put our body in unwanted stress which causes digestive problems, water retention and bloating.

Let’s not forget our body is the source of our energy. We need to treat it right, eat right and give it proper stress. Usually we think that stress is always mental but when we abuse our body we actually put our body into stress. It causes long term issues and diseases in our body.

Our idea of comfort food is incorrect. We treat chips, fries and such foods as our go to food, where as remember when ever you are making a food choices you are making a choice for your body and for your health for your mind.

Let’s choose wisely.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” —Jim Rohn


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