Mental Toughness? What is it? Why is it necessary?

**What comes to your mind when you think of the word “Mental Toughness” though?**

Most people imagine a strong guy/girl who can fight, who tolerates pain and acts in a certain way. Well what if I told you that there’s another kind of tough, Mentally Tough.

What is Mental Toughness?

Mental toughness is like a skill, just like some people are naturally better at sports, or some are naturally better at maths, similarly some people are born with more mental toughness than average. Now that does not give you an excuse to not even try becoming tough, just like practice makes you better at sports or solving problems makes you better at maths, similarly you can develop more mental toughness too, making an excuse about why you can’t develop it is simply a lie that you’re telling yourself, stop the excuses and start doing today

How is mental toughness developed?

Mental toughness is developed by doing challenging tasks.

  • Do you get low grades on your English tests, you need to study harder even if it means sacrificing some entertainment!
  • Do you hate working out but you want to get in shape, well you workout anyways no matter how you feel!!
  • Are you on a diet but get a nasty craving in the middle of the night, stop going to the fridge, go back to sleep and kill your craving!!
  • Are you studying but your friends call you up and invite you to a party, but you know that you have an exam coming up, well you shut down your emotions, use your intelligence and overpower the urge to go to the party and you stay on the path of studying??

The list goes on and on and on, I suggest you write down a list of 10 tasks that you know you should be doing that will make you better at your job, your school, make your health better, earn you money, make you happier , and lead you to your goals, now that you have this list prepared you will probably find some not so fun tasks on there, now despite your feelings you need to complete those tasks… that’s how you build MENTAL TOUGHNESS

Mental toughness is like learning how to control your mind to do the things you need to do rather than letting your mind do whatever it wants to do.

To develop persistence you need to consistently work on your weaknesses, challenge yourself, improve yourself , stay disciplined, keep your promises, make sacrifices of things you enjoy in order to achieve goals that truly fulfill you

Now here’s some EXAMPLES of everyday activities that can help you become more resilient and mentally tough

1. Studying – Whether you’re in school or you’ve already graduated, learning is one of those things that you should always be doing in order to become the best version of yourself, but guess what studying or learning isn’t exactly what you would call a fun activity, not for most of us at least, but that’s the point, doing something challenging that takes you closer to your goals, that’s exactly how you develop resilience

2. Running – When I talk about running to develop mental toughness, I’m talking about long distance running 5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon and the peak of it all, ultra marathons. Running long distances isn’t a physical sport at all, it’s all mental, imagine this, you’ve been running for hours, your whole body is in pain, you can barely see because of the sweat in your eyes, your muscles are burning but you still have 20 miles to go? How do you keep going? In those times questions come into your mind like “Oh I can quit right now, it’s only a run” or “Man I could get hurt doing this” or “I’m not good enough”. Battling these thoughts, ignoring the long distance in front of you and focusing on your next step, realizing there is pain in your body but it is only temporary. That builds mental toughness. I actually take on running challenges myself, a few days ago I decided to run a 10K (10 kilometres or 6.25 miles) everyday for 10 days straight with no prior running training, at the end of the 10 days my mindset was different than when I began, if you wish to read more, I wrote a blog post on it right here

Strive for a goal, there’s nothing more exciting or tough than waking up in the morning and working towards a goal . Any goal you set for yourself should be challenging enough that you feel afraid of failure and you’re unsure about success, those are the goals that make you grow whether you achieve them or not, if you atleast try you can learn from your mistakes.

Don’t set a goal so ambitious that it’s almost impossible, also don’t set a goal so small that it barely takes any effort

Last but not least, habits, the most mundane seeming but also the most important. Your habits determine the trajectory of your life. Here are some positive habits you need to start doing, these habits are challenging to do everyday but that’s the point

a) Waking up on time-Don’t hit the snooze button, get out of bed and start your day at the right time

b) Restrict distractions- Reduce phone usage, quit social media, stop watching so many youtube videos, stop checking your phone every 30 seconds. All of these take immense will power but will help you become tougher and more focused

c) Working out-Working out is something I believe that everyone should be doing, physical fitness is extremely important, not only does it provide a myriad of benefits for our body but the discipline needed to do hard workouts day in day out also works wonders for our persistence ,mental toughness and mental health.

I wrote a detailed blog on the reasons why we should workout, I suggest you check it out

Thank you for taking the time to read this long article, if you haven’t already guessed, I’m a guest writer, thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my message, to all the readers, I hope I was able to add some valuable information into your lives, I also write a blog of my own, it has posts about fitness topics, workout advice, nutritional guides and more.

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