New Life : New Beginning.

I’ve been stubborn all my life. I lived my life with a set mindset about right and wrong. No grey area however, with time I realised that one’s RIGHT can be someone’s else’s WRONG. Hence I changed the way I persive and view things.

The most difficult thing in everyone’s life is to change their habits, their behaviors and their thoughts that they have been bought up into. We all live in fear of things getting changed but think of it isn’t life all about changing. Change has a lot of power it is a powerful tool that we can use for us or against us, let’s use it wisely.

Let me share 5 lessons I’ve learned over the last decade that has made me who I am today.

  1. Excuse to be “YOU”: The worst thing I’ve done in my past is to claim, “That’s the way I am”. It’s good to have our own identity however I’ve learned to stop using it as shield. Any temperament or habit or behavior that isn’t good for you or others must be changed. Do not let your mind fool you it doesn’t want to leave its comfort zone. These negative emotional behavior are not a part of you. Do think of it as a part of your character. You need to be a better version of “YOU”.
  2. Change is difficult for the onlookers: Change is difficult not only for you but also for the onlookers. Have you ever been heard the following, “hey I’ve seen you doing this in the past right?” It’s difficult for a human being to be a part of change or to see the change or to even adapt change. I’ve seen this first-hand even from my friends and family. I’ve changed a lot in last one decade and I’m still changing and adapting it’s an ongoing process. We can’t be the same all the time which situation with time with life everything changes and with that we need to change as well. If it has happened to you its okay to let them know that you have change and it’s for good.
  3. Power of positive thinking: Think good and the good will follow you. Let me share a real-life incident with you all. About a decade back, a thought clicked my mind I wanted to be a writer. Every day from then I used to think about different things I can write, different topics, different stories everything that I wanted to share. And then I started writing down my thoughts, my ideas in small poems and I sent it to a newspaper. To my surprise it got published. Not even once a negative thought crossed my mind about it. That day I realized how much power positive thinking has. Since that day till today I make it a point to think positive. This universe has vibrations what you think is what you get and what you get is what you become.
  4. Increase your desire to learn: Don’t let your ego get in the way of your desire to learn there is no age to learning. My mom learned how to drive a car when she was 50 and let me tell you she drives well. If you’re good at something there’s always more to discover. Expand your horizon, knowledge never goes to waste. I make it a point to learn something new every year.
  5. Listen: This one comes handy in everything, I do wherever I go, no matter what role I’m playing in life. Good listening isn’t just about making the other person feel respected and hurt it’s also about making sure you understand what truly said. Think about it how would you feel when you are talking to another person and they don’t listen to you. Listening is the most effective way of communication. At times just by listening to the other person you can comfort them at their difficult times. It feels great to be heard, so if we want to be heard let’s do the same for others.

“Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is
the same.”

– Francesca Reigler


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