No Means No – Say No To Any Unwelcome Touch

I want to put one plain and simple point across that if any human being, be it a girl or a boy if they say NO that means NO….

Consent is the most important and basic human right. Whether it’s any type of relationship or in a marriage or in a work environment or any environment, I believe if you do not give consent for something or someone to step in your inner space and somebody makes you do it forcefully or makes you feel uncomfortable then that’s harassment.

Before this pandemic an incident happened with one of my closest friend she was in an office party.

A friend of my my friend, tried to get cosy with her and she said “NO”. However the person kept on persuading.


To her surprise her friend thought that she was being embarrassed or shy and that’s the reason why she said “NO” and that person kept on persuading. Ultimately, my friend slapped him and ran away.

Now she has a bitter experience with men and anything that has to do with being physical with anyone else.

This is just one of the incidents, I remember when I was young and was even unaware of good and bad touch. Which I realise now was so naive. Children must know the difference between good and bad touch.

I have noticed how easy it was to touch a woman at a crowded place when no one is watching. And the time we realise it that person who touched you without your consent is gone. WTH …. I am sure it has happened to alot of women reading this.


95% of females have been physically touched without her consent atleast once in a lifetime .. WHY!!!!

How difficult it is for anybody to understand that NO MEANS NO

Engineer your mind, your kids and yourself first of all to have guts to say NO AND THEN ENGINEER SELF TO UNDERSTAND THAT A NO MEANS NO.

It’s your birth right to say No to the people and thing’s you are not comfortable with.

At least 155 countries have passed laws on domestic violence, and 140 have laws on sexual harassment in the workplace. In the majority of countries with available data on this issue, among women who do seek help, most look to family and friends, and very few look to formal institutions, such as police and health services. Fewer than 10 per cent of those seeking help appealed to the police. WHY!!

Cause the society tries to narrow down the fault in the environment or women instead of educating our men to realise the importance of consent.

I hope one day this world will become a safer place for everyone living in it not just the Alpha Humans.


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