What’s the best diet to follow?

“What’s the best diet to follow?” As you emerge as a health, fitness, and nutrition enthusiast, or someone who wants to improve your health, you going to want to know: Which dietary “camp” do you belong to? The best coaches maintain a neutral position on this. If you can, strive to be a nutritional agnostic: … Read more

Macronutrients & ‘M.A.N’ – Basics to better body

If better health and body is your new year resolution let me help you reach your goal..
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Death vs Hopeless Life; Eliminate Your Fear

I know that heading of this is not as optimistic as I always write. But the fact is not everything in life is all the time optimistic or goes the way you want it to go. There have been a few incidents in my life where I thought that death is the only option. I … Read more

#1 Myth about “Weight Loss” – Exercise is the key

Exercise is only 15-25% of dieting.   Many dieters mistakenly think that exercise is key to weight loss.   Weight loss is 75-85% what you eat so you must eat healthy to keep the weight off and lose weight. If you do not watch what you eat, you will gain weight.   The key to … Read more

PCOS / PCOD Symptoms and The Expert Advice on it

Do you have PCOS, let’s take a look at these symptoms to find out.

Salt – Should I avoid it?

How much Salt is too much salt!!!

How Do Our Emotions Affect Our Eating Habits?

Are You An Emotional Eater?? How to Recongnise Your Emotional Eating Habits?

3 Ways To Project Confidence – Even When You’re Not Feeling It

Confidence, like every other skill, is something that needs perpetual attention and practice. I have always reflected confidence and its one of my strongest attribute, but trust me that’s not who I was when I was growing up. I was once rejected for a job interview over executive presence, here I am today training and … Read more

Health benefits of Apple

Apples contain both solvent and insoluble fiber. It turns out there might be some reality to the well established saying: “a healthy lifestyle is better than all the medication in the world.” Stacked with supplements, fiber, and cell reinforcements, apples accompany different medical advantages going from further developing stomach wellbeing to forestalling constant infections. Note: … Read more

Tips To Reduce Back Pain

There are many lifestyle changes you can practice to help prevent lower back pain. Here are a few guidelines and tips: Adopt a balanced, healthy diet. Maintain a healthy weight. Stay active and exercise often. Warm up and stretch before exercise. Get up and move around for at least 5 minutes for each hour that you’re seated. … Read more