Feeling of REJECTION

We all go through rejections, in our daily life. Yes, you read it right everyone gets rejected one or the other way. Routine rejections could be when a stray animal rejects the food we try to feed them, when our friend do not like the idea of a hangout place, when our body rejects a … Read more

I got 99 problems, but REGRET ain’t one.

I got 99 problems, but REGRET ain’t one. I have been living away from my family for close to 14 years now first for education and then for work. So, When I lost my father, my brother told me I’m sure you feel regretful since you weren’t there for more then a decade and I’m … Read more

Lifestyle change

What is a Lifestyle change? Why is it important? This morning my sister cooked rich breakfast, Poori and Bhaji. She is an excellent cook. If she wants, she can open her own restaurant. She was so excited for me to try it. With all my heart at right place, I told her I will only … Read more