TO-DO LIST Can Make Our life Easier

Is it a Chaos to organise a big event or party?

Do you keep forgetting important tasks?

Then this one is for you

Fad Diets: A mouse trap

Quick weight LOSS sounds lucrative, but is it REAL !!!

Self- Discipline – A Must Have Habit

What does discipline mean to you?
How important do you think it is in our adult life?

Ideal Weight – The fuss about how much should I weigh!!!

Why so much of fuss about our weight? This is largely due to the perception of an “ideal” body weight, set by media. We were always shown in different TV commercials, how a certain person does not get attention if they look a certain way.Most of us are always trying to reach to a certain … Read more

How to kill your inner demon

Have you ever thought about DETOX, let’s do an inner detox today. Let’s Practice these for 21 days, trust me you will see the difference in YOU

Become a leader of your life not a follower

Do you lead your life or your life leads you? Have you ever noticed almost all parents are leaders? Think about it… What does being a leader mean to you?No it does not mean to boss around, it simply means TO LEAD mindfully, and encourage others as well to do the same. No-one is a … Read more

Top 3 ways to BURN more calories by Walking

Try walking differently

SELF LOVE – Why is it so difficult!

No lifetime, no matter how successful, will be truly rewarding or happy if you cannot learn to love yourself and be yourself.

Bone Marrow – Food choices to keep in mind

Food choices that helps in Healthy Bone marrow. Let’s eat right today to have a Healthy tomorrow.

What is your RAGE?

Your silence may become the cause of other person’s SOCIAL INJUSTICE ….